We’ve written about a number of Robotic and AI devices before…………..

From the Centaur mobility device that won the Blue Badge Access Award for Guest innovation:

To a care robots and a companion robot called Pepper.

Now robotics are providing smart rehabilitation to patients;

1st Tyro Motion from Austria.

They have multiple solutions to aid rehabilitation and care for strokes, brain injury, MS, cerebral palsy and more. This video explains how it works…….

2nd is Cureo

This provides Virtual Reality therapy in a series of games to enhance motor skills, stimulate attentiveness and cognitive skills. This video gives a sense of how it works


3rd Cyberdyne

Have a range of robotic solutions from communication to rehab to lumbar support to rehabilitation. Their robots translate messages from the brain into movement. The lumbar support robot rectifies your core to the neutral position automatically. Amazing!

Looks like the future is here and we hope the NHS and HMOs in the US can see the benefits in paying for these devices??

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