Having problems with carers and yes it is due to BREXIT, has made me hope for the time when robots can do their job, see our previous post on the subject. They may not have the human touch but they preserve your dignity, they’re always there when you need them and no job is too big/small. We’re pleased to report that at least one robotic device is close to being manufactured – The Centaur, first reviewed in the ‘D’List in 2020.

They also won our Blue Badge Access Award for Guest Innovation , judged by Microsoft – the idea is to rent them in hotels, galleries, museums etc. for people who can’t walk or cycle easily. Attractive to look at they also have several cool features as stated by Tanni Grey-Thompson…..


It spins on a sixpence and fits into the space of a dining room chair.

The Centaur’s footplate provides a platform so you can get into it without falling over. A lifting column helps users reach high shelves and look people in the eye.

The Centaur runs on two wheels and uses self-balancing technology so even when you over-reach you don’t topple over. It’s built with all the robust engineering principles you would expect from designers and engineers drawn from the automotive world.

It’s also very stylish and desirable! If Apple designed a wheelchair it would look like The Centaur and it’s made in Britain. Not cheap at £6K+ and you can reserve for as little as £100. In production soon and you can see it the Design Museum from the end of July along with other innovations chosen by The Design Age Institute.

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