BBS are just one of 76 Awardees Globally for the Zero Project 2022.

Announced today on the International Day of People With Disabilities, our Access Gallery Innovation has been recognised as  world class product that enables disabled people to go out , enjoy life without anxiety or the need to make a military plan. An example can be see at Hotel Brooklyn, Manchester, with their Liberty Rooms accessible to all,

The Galleries show the journey through a venue using pointers to explain possible obstacles as well as disabled facilities. Written in plain english and with good quality images. They are also displayed via the BBS App  so you know what to expect wherever you are and no more tedious and inaccurate phone calls or emails when planning a night out or pleasure/business trip. Even Denton’s Solicitors use one for their City office.

Will this news make more venues/buildings adopt an Access Gallery, I hope so – It’s the right thing to do and makes economic sense when you look at the value of the purple pound – UK £274, Worldwide $1.2 Tr. Going out to enjoy life should be a Freedom Shared & BBS will make it happen!!!!

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