This article on stylish rollators was first published in June but we thought we’d re-publish for Xmas as they may be a great gift??:-

In our latest ‘D’ List, where we explore new things in the world of disability, we have user testing of new rollators and look at an unusual 3 wheeled walking aid.

1ST The Rollz Flex Shopper/Walker. Tested by Terry who has a hip problem and needs  extra support when walking longer distances outside. Supplied by designed2enable at £299 ex. Vat. It has a,

  • Purple or Denim Grey shopping bag
  • Height adjustable handle bar can also be positioned upright, half or fully tilted forward for added stability
  • Handle/push-bar doubles as back rest when tilted forward and using the fabric seat attachment. 

Terry found it very sturdy but thought it looked big when folded so it might take up a lot of space in his small car (a Nissan Micra or is it a trendy Fiat 300??), especially compared to something like a Topro Troja.

The bag had a huge capacity but didn’t have much style. It did however, resemble the concept rollators recently seen as a concept at The Design Museum, albeit they were scooters rather than rollators.

'Scooter For Life' Prototype Can Be Seen at The Design Museum in a Variety of Colours & Footplate Finishes
‘Scooter For Life’ Prototype at The Design Museum in a Variety of Colours & Footplate Finishes

2ND The Trust Rollator, Let’s Fly. Tested by Ann who has fatigue problems and lacks some manual dexterity. Supplied by designed2enable at £266 ex. VAT. Made of light aluminium it comes in Grey, White, Red and  Champagne. It also has, as optional extras, a back strap for safety when sitting on the leather look-seat and a bag that attaches to the frame. This model won a Red Dot Award for design.

Ann thought it was easily manoeuvrable and very stable considering how light it is. She felt it resembled a road bike with it’s minimal design and it looked trendy and not so ‘disability obvious’. Unfortunately we didn’t get the money shot i.e. her arse in full view!!

3RD The Alinker mobility assist, designed by Barbara Alink a Dutch-Canadian inventor, architect, designer, community activist, musician to mention just a few. Her invention,

“The Alinker R-Volution, is a radically different walking assist, pedal-less, non-motorized, three-wheeled ‘walking-bike’”

It was inspired by ‘the harsh reality that…… mobility devices themselves, which are not designed for how people wish to live their lives, but rather as technical solutions for a body with a problem, emphasizing the disability’. Hear, Hear……..we totally agree!!

It’s described as a three-wheeled walking bike where

  • users sit upright at eye level
  • weight is supported by the seat with no stress on the lower body
  • handle bars provide additional support
  • feet remain on the ground keeping users stable and safe

 An enthusiastic user contacted us, Joe Revello in the USA. He says, 

“The first time I sat on the Alinker I walked over 3 miles……I can barely walk 50 yards with other mobility aids.”

Joe Revello on an Alinker at a MS Fashion Show for the Holy Name MS Center. “Disability and fashion make the Alinker an equalizer. We are all the same!”

It is available at $1997 and they do ship internationally. It’s available in small, medium and large so you need to measure your size before ordering but they do give clear instructions to follow. We suggest you contact them directly on their website if you wish to find out more. We think it looks different and perhaps cool?? What do you think?? Let us know.

In researching the walking aids reviewed here, we’re encouraged by the progress being made to create good looking and well designed products. Look out for the next ‘D’ List where we will be launching our shop called, ‘SHOP’, selling things we like, starting with – guess what – the BBS DRINK Glass Holder!!! Oooooh


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