Update May 16 2017: Things are moving on with the Glass Holder and following some inspiring chats with fellow contestants at Spark (over a glass of wine), the product has morphed into a monster – The BBS Butler System. This is a series of accessories for wheelchair, rollator, scooter users as well as anyone with a buggy or who wants to drink outside on a garden chair. The system’s first accessory is of course, the Glass Holder and will be followed by a smartphone & tablet holder, then anything else we can think of! Any ideas please contact us.

My Development Plan For The Glass Holder Including a Magazine Cover Depicting Where we Want to be in 10 Years i.e. Gucci & BBS Design a Glass Holder for Meryl Streep’s Chair at The Oscars. Yes I Know My drawing is Rubbish – You Can’t be Good at Everything……

In the meantime here’s what’s happening over the next couple of months:

This month we’ll be analysing our brand and marketing strategy for the Glass Holder & Butler System. Here’s what we want it to be,

“stylish, sleek, desirable, quality, fashionable, aspirational and worthy of a premium price – The Chanel of Glass Holders.”

We’re also setting up the BBS Shop, online, where we you’ll be able to buy our products as well as some other curated pieces we find, including some ingenious products from the Spark Programme.

In June we’ll be testing the Glass Holder and if anyone wants to try the product let us know and we’ll post one to you with a feedback form.

In July we’ll be bidding for more money to fully develop the products.

By August the shop will be up and running and even if we don’t get further finance, you’ll be able to buy custom built versions using our 3D printing resource.

In Oct/Nov we’ll be showcasing the shop and products at a number of events so you’ll be able to buy stuff in time for (dare I say) Xmas.


April 2017: Really excited as BBS DRINK Glass Holder has been chosen as a development project on the Design Council Spark Product Innovation Fund. They give us funds and mentoring to develop the idea into a commercially viable product. We then get the opportunity to pitch to investors in July and receive a share of a £200k prize. The project starts 4th april for 16 weeks. We are down to the last 15 out of hundreds of entries. The idea is that DRINK accommodates any size of glass, looks stylish, is admired and fixes to a wheelchair, walker, stick, buggy, garden chair etc. See it in action here…………


DRINK will be available in any colour and will be sleek and attractive. The clamp will be developed so you can use it to fix any BBS product, as there will be more…bags, phone case, tablet holder etc., You’ll want one for every occasion!! If you want to be part of the BBS Interest Panel who will be used to help determine style, price etc., then contact us.



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