Regular readers of this blog will know we sometimes highlight Ludicrous Loos and Ridiculous Ramps. In October 2017 we held our annual BBS Awards for exceptional venues who have both accessibility and style. The highlight of every year is the Best Accessible Loo Award, the most prized of all the Awards, (we already have nominations for 2018) and the worst or ‘Ludicrous Loo’ Award – the one that always causes a gasp of astonishment. There are always plenty of nominees for Ludicrous Loo, see the 2016 Awards .

You thought last year’s nominees were bad! We received some corkers in 2017.  So, we thought we would show in one place the 2017 nominees and winners for both Awards:

First were the nominees for Best Accessible Loo;

Second, the nominees for Ludicrous Loo 2017 were beyond belief;

The 2017 winners were Café Royale, Ludicrous Loo and Brook Green Pavillion, Best Accessible Loo

If you have a nomination for either good or bad loos for 2018, let us know by contacting us. Let’s see if things improve???

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