Last week we posted some truly tragic examples of Ridiculous Ramps which nobody in a wheelchair would ever consider to be accessible. Today we’re following up those examples of bad access with the ‘quasi khazis’ – ‘accessible toilets’ which for one reason or another are completely unusable.

If you experience any examples of Ludicrous Loos like this, please get in touch and send us your photos. For now take a look at the worst examples the internet has turned up:

bad dt Aus
Just move the bucket, the mop, the tool box, the other bucket, that green thing and the other other bucket and there might be a disabled toilet in here somewhere… No toilet paper though… and the grab rail’s upside down – other wise good!
This is just bizarre
This is just bizarre

How often do you see a disabled toilet being used for storage? Far too often. Here are some more problems.

We’re gonna need a bigger door
Are your arms long enough?
How about now?
How about now?


NOT a disabled toilet… fortunately just a very poorly worded sign
Anybody see a problem here?
Too small. Too small. Too small.
If the door doesn't fit inside then a wheelchair is not going to stand a chance
If the door doesn’t fit inside then a wheelchair is not going to stand a chance
This one's at the height for leg amputees?
Possibly somebody very stupid thought this would be at the right height for leg amputees?
Disabled toilet = out of use toilet?

These pictures are pretty funny… unless you actually encounter something like this when you’re out and about.

How many of these Ludicrous Loos have you encountered? If you’ve seen any other examples of outrageously stupid disabled toilet arrangements please get in touch with us through our Facebook page or on Twitter @BlueBadgeStyle.

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  1. Laura Branigan

    I’ve just come across this website and haven’t explored it yet, I just stopped on the ‘toilet police’ bit coz that really interests me. Seems petty now, having looked at the ‘ludicrous loos’ – but my bugbear at the moment, which I am actively trying to change by writing emails to the CEO of companies, are disabled loos without mirrors. I think it’s bad/sad enough to have to use a unisex loo – but when it doesn’t have a mirror ( which most don’t!), I find that quite offensive coz it’s been forgotten.

    1. Fiona Jarvis

      We agree mirrors are important!! You may want to sign our petition on – No Access, No Service Charge – we feel that if venues don’t provide equal services then we should object by not paying a service charge!