For those of you following our journey on Spark programme with The Design Council (read more here), you’ll realise we’re about to create something new for the Blue Badge Style ‘movement’ – A New Brand, the ADDITI+ON collection of accessories ‘for people who have their hands full’. Here’s what it means and why we think it’s revolutionary to our lives …………It starts with DRINK the inclusive glass holder

Our long-term ambition, to show the world the power of bringing style to inclusive design. Empower independence. Create brilliant products and great experiences that people really want. We want ‘Effortless Independence for all’.

Brand Promise, commit to making form and function work in perfect harmony. Useful should be beautiful too. Product Promise, deck chair, buggy or wheelchair, Drink is an elegant solution to effortless socialising.

Core Values: Elegance Admired, not institutional. We create chic statements. Simplicity – Straight talking. Our products are easy to use and to love. Freedom We help you do things the way you want to.

A Brand Identity was developed to be clear and engaging and focused on the collection of products and what customers want from them.

ADDITI+ON Collection: This collection of stylish products is an ADDITION to your life; an ADDITION to Blue Badge Style; an ADDITION to your wheelchair or buggy.


                                                             ADDITI+ON = Inclusive.


DRINK: The inclusive glass holder.

‘Deck chair, buggy or wheelchair, DRINK, is an elegant solution for people who have their hands full. It’s clever design attaches to practically anything and holds a glass of any shape or size. DRINK is the first product from the ADDITI+ON collection. We’re showing the world the power of bringing style to inclusive design. Be effortlessly independent.’

The evolution of SMART FIXING

To ensure the brand is as clear and customer-centric as possible we communicate our innovative solution to attaching the glass holder to a chair or buggy by using ‘smart fixing’. It allows for DRINK, the product the customer wants to use directly, to be the champion. The use of ‘smart’ makes it sound innovative, referring to our perception of ‘smart devices.’ The use of ‘fixing’ ensures that a customer can quickly and easily understand exactly what it does and why they need it.Watch this space as we’ll be launching the ADDITI+ON Shop soon where you can buy DRINK & ‘things we like’.



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