1st 10th March is Disabled Access Day and we’re joining forces with Sesame Access  to re-create our Bar Crawl from last year. See the clip below. It was great fun and a myriad of things went wrong. We’re “shaking” up (all will become clear on the night) Central London again……contact us and we’ll tell you where to meet. You WILL enjoy!!

2nd Disability Signs – this TED talk is obvious but true and everyone understands the sign but does it help invisible disabilities??? We’re hoping to create a new company that addresses “all things accessible” so keep watching this space.

What does this symbol actually mean?

You may know it as the wheelchair symbol. Its formal title is the International Symbol of Access. But what does the symbol actually mean? And what is its purpose?

Posted by TED-Ed on Thursday, January 5, 2017

It’s time the sign changed and credit to this one at Asda but we can do better…..any ideas let us know.

Accessibility Isn't Just Wheelchairs - But A Better Looking Sign Is Needed
Accessibility Isn’t Just Wheelchairs – But A Better Looking Sign Is Needed

3rd The Universal DRINK Glass Holder was shortlisted in the Blackwood Design Awards (we didn’t win 🙁 ) but we received this endorsement from one of the judges,

“Off the top of my head I like the simplicity of the Universal Drink Holder on the wheelchair because I’ve encountered that problem myself, but I think that they all excel in their own right. And it’s very difficult to say which one overall is best.”

DRINK is designed to allow wheelchair users (or anyone – it fits a tray, rollator, garden chair, scooter), to enjoy a glass of wine hands free. More than a cup holder it accommodates any size of glass. No longer do you need to stay near a table, be dependant on other people holding your glass or leave a drink unattended whilst wheeling around. It’s a stylish attachment to any chair/walker. The video explains all and we’re now amongst the finalists of the Spark Competition from the Design Council. If we win this will help it get into mass production. Until then you can order a bespoke version for just £20 in any colour just email info@bluebadgestyle.com




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