Join our film club by sending your reviews of films and the accessibility of cinemas. Last Thursday of the month see a new film of your choice and send us your review or better still set up your own club and we can build a huge film network – Guinness Book of Records here we come?? All we ask is you rate the film, the access and facilities each out of 5. The cinema is then awarded an aggregated score out of 3 BBS Ticks (like all the other venues we rate) and the film is out of 5 stars. BTW you don’t need to go to a different cinema each time !!

To kick off, back in May we saw Hail Caesar at the Curzon Richmond. The review of The Curzon awarded them 2.5 BBS ticks. Here’s what we thought of the film, written by our club chairperson Ann Dyball……….

Hail Caesar is the Coen Brothers affectionate ridiculing of the golden age of Hollywood.  Quirky, series of funny clever scenes, but overall not cohesive as a narrative. Good parts for George Clooney as not-very-bright hapless actor, and Scarlett Johanssen as foul-mouthed slapper with a mermaid’s tail…acknowledging and messing with their accepted screen personas.  Stand-out funny scene with slick choreography pastiche-ing the Fred Astaire/Esther Williams age of musical spectaculars of the 30s ….with a so, so fabulously camp Channing Tatum.

Channing Tatum Being Camp or Doing Anything Gets 5/5 From Me.
Channing Tatum Being Camp or Doing Anything Gets 5/5 From Me.

Worth a watch for me, but not in the same class as Fargo. Score 3 stars (out of 5). Ann, Club Chairperson

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