First is our very own DRINK glass holder. This is the first of a range of BBS wheelchair accessories.

Have you ever wished you could get away from boring people at a party or wanted to network at an event but can’t take your drink with you?? Fed up with not being able to go to the bar and bring your drink back?? Well we have which is why we came up with DRINK (named after the old priest in Father Ted). Based on the Honeycomb cup designed in the Style My Chair Contest at Brunel University, we’ve produced a prototype with 3D printing. We want to mass produce but we need your help – does it meet your needs, what colour ways should it be and what would you pay for it ?? Contact Us and make your views known.

Second is the Air Wheel – a reader asked why this wasn’t available for her teenage son, who can’t walk but won’t use the mobility scooters as they look ‘granny-like’. Borne out of skateboarding the new A3 version looks as if it may help if you have balance but no stamina, as you can sit down. We’re not advocating this for anyone with a disability but it could be the start of a new way of enhancing mobility. The A3 is “A full, practical, ergonomic comfortable transportation device that is eco-friendly, fun and incredibly efficient.”

Looks cool but don’t think the NHS will be buying them any time soon. The prices start at £1499. Maybe someone will look at the design and adapt for disability.

Third is another scooter that’s reader recommended as it’s extremely portable – the Travelscoot. Prices start at €1,855 and it claims to be the lightest scooter at 16kg for the deluxe version. Two of our readers have recommended these, they look good but again we think you need some core balance to avoid falling off. A welcome addition to our list of trendy scooters.

hero_shot_travelscoot (1)
Travelscoot Joins The BBS List of Trendy Scooters

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