Sitara Warren wrote an article on getting your skin ready for summer (see it here), in line with the trend for ‘nude beauty’ as featured in Vogue and elsewhere. Here is her promised follow up regarding hands & nails:

If your hands and nails are in great shape – lucky you! But if you’re anything like me – forgot to wear gloves or use hand cream throughout the bitterly cold winter months, your hands may look slightly the worse for wear.

Rough Hands After a Hard Winter? Read On...
Rough Hands After a Hard Winter? Read On…

Let’s start with a little maintenance. I never use any specific exfoliation for my hands, whatever I use on my body works equally well on my hands, a good scrub at least once a week does the trick.

I do use hand cream religiously now, both to moisturise and protect my hands and nails. Whatever your budget and preferred scent there is something out there for you. I do suggest something heavy duty for night time, ideally made with shea butter. Try giving your nail beds and cuticles a bit of extra attention here too.

Nail hardener has become a recent addition to my routine as I have noticed my nails cracking and becoming quite thin. My two favourites to address this are nail hardeners by OPI and Sally Hansen.

Get Your Nails Nude Ready With A Hardener
Get Your Nails Nude Ready With A Hardener


To Go Nude you Need to be Hard As Nails
To Go Nude you Need to be Hard As Nails

So with hands now sorted – what are we doing nail wise?………..Nude nails are very popular for spring/ summer this year.

Colours that suit just about every skin tone, are light pink (just a tad lighter than your own nail colour) and this nude I discovered from OPI – Don’t pretzel my buttons!

OPI Nail Colour 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons'.
OPI Nail Colour ‘Don’t Pretzel My Buttons’.

I’m sure many of you are wondering which brands to go for here. The high street has really come into its own in providing us with all manner of colours to deal with every conceivable trend. If you are very experimental by all means give this a go. I prefer a brand which has a good colour range, great quality varnish and all things being well, my manicure will last the week – OPI and Sally Hansen definitely have this covered.

A quick word on stick-on nails. No raised eyebrows, please, these have changed considerably in the last few years and are easy to use, inexpensive and are great as a one-off when you need an intense shot of glamour.

Essie A to Zebra nail stickers are impressive…

Essie A to Zebra
Essie A to Zebra

Elegant Touch Express – Trend Empty Heart…….

Elegant Touch 'Empty my Heart'
Elegant Touch ‘Empty my Heart’

Elegant Touch False Nails in Classic Pink……..

Elegant Touch 'Classic pink'
Elegant Touch ‘Classic pink’

I’d love to know how you get on – you can post pictures of your favourite nail looks via Twitter and FB.

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