Coolture™ is a US based company that have designed a ‘cooling solution with street appeal’ and as they also say, it ‘is long overdue’. The fashion world have overlooked the huge market for clothes with disability in mind. Here is a company bucking the trend, unfortunately prompted by one of their own becoming chronically sick with MS – Van DiBernardo , who used to design shoes for DKNY.

One of the symptoms of MS and other debilitating illnesses is the ability to control body temperature in hot weather. This can restrict activities and the cooling vest has been a solution for a while, but they look like something a ‘supercop’ would wear for body armour. Coolture™ “believes in your right to feel good without compromising your right to look good” – have they been reading my blog?? The same sentiment as Blue Badge Style .

They have used ‘NASA technology textiles’ and added fashion design to produce a lightweight vest that looks good. They will ship to the UK and it costs $279 but worth it if you still want to be active or just take a walk/wheel on a sunny day.

Let’s hope they look at wheelchair fashion and shoes that fit swollen feet – PLEASE??!!

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