Welcome to Blue Badge Style the home for the ‘discerning less able’ (and anyone who’s stylish). We believe passionately that style and disability should not be mutually exclusive – you can have both! This site aims to inform this community of like-minded, life loving people, advising them how to maintain their ‘style’. Sign up to our Newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything in our daily posts!! Blue Badge Style can help you to have a positive, cool, elegant experience wherever you go or whatever you do. As Coco Chanel said, “fashion fades, only style remains the same” I discovered I had multiple sclerosis after falling off my high heels in a bar once too often. Today I use a wheelchair to glide through life. I have always refused to compromise on my personal style, whether that’s eating in smart restaurants, wearing elegant clothes or going on glamorous holidays. Most people at some point in their life will become ‘less able’, even if it’s just a broken limb. A ‘sense of style’ does not diminish when this happens, if anything it becomes more important. Style is therefore the overriding premise of this site, along with a positive outlook on life. I will go somewhere that is trendy even though there may be obstacles to my wheelchair or walking stick. There are always ways around  obstacles and I will inform users of this site as to, what or where is smart, elegant or fashionable and what you can expect to find when you get there. I will also highlight any new items that make life easier and they will not resemble “products …..from the Marquis de Sade’s basement” – Robin Levien, StudioLevien!

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  1. Amanda Langford

    What a great website! I just found it by accident while looking for information about a Blue Badge for my father.
    I found the information very interesting. We are considering a wet room for my dad and yours looks great. I didn’t even know you could purchase a sink that a wheelchair could get under.
    Anyway just wanted to let you know that I will be putting your website into my favourites so I can keep up with your latest info.

    1. Fiona Jarvis Listing Owner

      Thank you. See you soon on the site. xx

  2. KEITH.

    What a wonderful site, I did not know you even existed till the other day! I was looking for blue badge services and lo and behold, I found you! I have already visited one of the restaurants you recommend and had a lovely meal with very good service, easy access and extremely good toilet facilities, all in all a great night out with my mates, without having to rely on them to get me around. I have put you in “my favourites” so that all your future research comes my way.
    Thank you so much for researching these things, people tend to forget we need to enjoy ourselves to0. Regards Keith.

    1. Fiona Jarvis Listing Owner

      Thanks Keith, which restaurant did you go to?

  3. Kate Warwick

    Great lunch venue recommendation by Fiona, as ever. Pollen Street Social is another good centrally located restaurant. Although the staff don’t ALL know Fiona…yet! Not like Sartoria 🙂

  4. Alison Peebles

    A woman after my own heart – I have long grieved the fact I can no longer wear high heels but like you I refuse to compromise and try to maintain style despite everything. I am currently performing in a show I created with National Theatre of Scotland called ‘My Shrinking Life’ http://www.nationaltheatrescotland.com/ it’s a short tour now but hoping for a bigger tour in future.

    Thankyou for this.
    Alison Peebles

    1. Fiona Jarvis Listing Owner

      Hi Thanks for the comment I will publicise the show.

  5. james plummer

    Congratulations. I also suffer from MS and have done so for about 10 years. Being dependant on others, my wife, kids or friends can sometimes be difficult and whilst people are generally sympathetic, being disabled can be a lonely place to be. Things like finding ready access to the loo is not a great conversation topic! I look forward to making use of the site.

    1. Fiona Jarvis Listing Owner

      Hi james, why not download our mobile app which is Blue Badge Style ‘on the go’! Links are on the site.

  6. Vida Bayat

    Fiona, You are amazing and an inspiration.