Victoria Paz Costas Chain Cufflinks

Victoria Paz Costas has  created cufflinks, using artisanal techniques, in sterling silver with extra links in the chain. These can then be pre-fitted in a shirt so your hands slide through the cuffs or choose fewer links if you like your cuffs tighter.


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Victoria Paz Costas cufflinks started as a domestic disagreement; we couldn’t agree on how long cufflinks should be!  You see? I like my cuffs tight and Ian (my husband) likes them loose… He also explained to me, very patiently, that at 5:30 am on his way to the airport, cufflinks always seem to have a life of their own, this also happened in the morning after dinner with clients…

So we have created cufflinks with extra links in the chain, these can then be pre-fitted in a shirt so your hands slide through the cuffs. Everybody is happy! 

All our cufflinks are made in sterling silver and handcrafted using only traditional artisanal methods. They can be customised to all preferences or capabilities, design, link type, length and backing and can also be hallmarked upon request.
Complementary and matching accessories such as rings, earrings, bracelets… are also available, contact us here.

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