Nominated for a Blue Badge Access Award in 2023, Leven in Manchester is a new hotel that aims to create a new experience for guests with ‘Beautifully designed spaces created to inspire you to live your best life’.

Located near Canal Street in an old cotton warehouse, they have a set of living spaces rather than rooms as you can see on this link.

room with white walls. large window with brown frame and white bed on grey carpet
A Large Room at Leven Has Plenty of Space for a Wheelchair and Soft Furnishings to Give Good Acoustics.

Leven also breaks new ground with its own Metaverse which we urge you to try from their website, a world first for hotels?? Maybe.

pale cave with green plants and woman inorange cape
Leven metaverse of their Lobby. Not Sure How to View this??

Unfortunately they don’t talk about accessibility (it’s obvs a secret!?? ) on their website but they do have perfectly good accessible rooms. Here’s what they say:

‘Our hotel is indeed accessible for disabled people, We have a lift from our front door to our reception and then also a lift that leads to all floors.

Regarding accessible rooms we do indeed have a few of them, …….our Living Space rooms they do come with the shower rails and a larger shower area’.

These are the images they provided of their bathroom, they are both well designed and attractive!

Their newly opened restaurant, Maya, is listed in the Michelin Guide where they say it’s a

‘beautifully appointed place, with an art deco feel and a large cocktail bar that feels appropriate for an area of the city known for its party scene. The dishes often have a modern make-up but the kitchen’s classical skillset is evident’.

darkly lit roo with white lights around a bar area. dark blue chairs at wooden tables
Leven’s Restaurant, Maya is Dark With an Art Deco Feel & Becoming a Destination Place in Manchester

This is a brilliant hotel concept that is both stylish and accessible and Leven gets an un-audited 3 BBS Ticks for accessibility with style.

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