Or a person or organisation that has thoughtful, design led or stylish approaches to accessibility? If yes then why not nominate for a Blue Badge Access Award or enter the Design Competition that has a prize fund of £20k and is rewarding innovations for ‘disabled guests’. Last year the ramp at St Pauls and Centaur Robotics both won prizes.

The Centaur can be seen in action in this video and its innovation was its use as a rental mobility device at hotels for those who can’t go sightseeing or shopping that easily.

So if you have an innovative idea or a favourite accessible venue or if you think your venue makes the grade send your entries here. If you want to send images then email them to info@bluebadgeaccessawards.com .

P.S.You can also send images of bad access and we’ll enter them in the ‘Ludicrous Loo/Ridiculous Ramp’ category. Last years winner was the toilet at Wagamama that had fresh food stored there.

people holding silver cameras
If you have a favourite venue with stylish, design led &/or thoughtful accessibility, then send us a photo and we’ll enter it into the Blue Badge Access Awards

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