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Tailored Rooms Blue Label – A new concept in Accessible Interior Design. Future-proof your Home with Comfort and Style.

Blue Badge Style are offering this new service in collaboration with Tailored Rooms a premium design service. This is one of few interior design services that focus on accessibility in the home.

Above All We Create Interiors that bring Joy and Style to your Home

The traditional approach to future-proof a home for accessibility is to change the Kitchen &/or Bathroom. For example, rise and fall counters in a kitchen allow the height of a surface to be adjusted as needs change.  Adhering to regulation turning room in a wet room shower gives extra space for a wheelchair and adding textured hand-grips, will benefit if visually impaired.
This is all very practical; however, we use a holistic approach when it comes to your home.

This holistic approach includes all areas, outside and in as well as those extras that make your home a reflection of you! From the easily grabbed door handle to the raised flower bed to the colour of your soft furnishings and the iconic piece of art that you love. We make everything work for you, for now and the future.

We want to make your home a place that brings you joy every day.

Design your accessible home with our team of experts.

We offer Virtual or face-to-face interior design services focused on solutions that are unique to you for now and for the future.

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