Update 2021: The Mantis is not readily available but their new Mobie folding scooter maybe a good replacement?


In the ‘D’List we look a new things in the world of disability, see our previous articles. This week we’re looking at a new scooter which looks compact yet sturdy The Monarch Mantis – Substance with Style.

Here’s what they say about it…….

With the huge variety of mobility scooters on the market of market today, finding the right scooter for you needs can be a time consuming process. Often it comes down to finding a scooter that offers practicality, performance and style in a balanced manner. One scooter which blends all these features is the Monarch Mantis mobility scooter.
So, let’s look at this scooter in more detail.


Let us begin our review by looking at what the Mantis is capable off. The Mantis is a class 3 registered mobility scooter capable of a top speed of 8mph. Each scooter is powered by a high torque electric motor and features a rear wheel drive configuration. For the batteries you have the choice of a standard gel battery or a lithium ion battery at an extra cost. These factors make the Mantis a great option for those who regularity traverse up hills and in climbs. As the high levels of torque means clearing these obstacles will be a breeze. Yet one of the most underrated features of this scooter which is rarely highlighted is its fantastic efficiency.
The standard gel battery has a range of 15.5 miles per charge. This is impressive yet the lithium ion option offers a staggering 21 miles of range. From a handling standpoint the mantis has a turning radius of 2000 making it one of the nimbler class 3 scooters out there. As well as this each unit comes front and rear suspension setup that absorbs bumps very well and electromagnetic brakes as standard.


Now performance is one thing, but there are plenty of scooters on the market that are designed with little thought to looks and style. Yet, this is one area where the Mantis stands out from the crowd.
The first thing that you are likely to notice is the highly distinctive front end. The scooter features a unique Y shaped front, with a central main light towards the bottom with the indicator lights placed at the top. This unique choice of styling imitates the look of a praying mantis. This gives the scooter a unique look that is instantly stands out from the crowd and will certainly turn a few heads. Another design choice to take note of is the scooters slender proportions. Each example is no more than 24 inches wide, giving the scooter a very sleek and sporty look to it compared with other 8mph scooters.  Each scooter comes in a silver finish, but you have a choice of 3 different highlight colours. Red Blue and Grey. These colours provide added definition to the scooters silver body, as well as draw attention its sleek curves and distinctive front end.


The Mantis is a Class 3 vehicle which usually are not the most practical of scooters. After all, if you look many of the other scooters in its class many of them are robust and designed to be as dexterous as possible. Yet once again this is where the Mantis aims to stand out from the crowd. The Mantis features a simple break apart design, where the front and rear of the scooter can be taken apart and the front tiller folded down. All this means that when taken apart, the Mantis can easily fit within the back of most modern hatchbacks and family cars.

The Monarch Mantis Fits Into Most Large Cars
The Monarch Mantis Fits Into Most Large Cars


The Mantis is readily available from several dealers and can also be ordered direct from Monarch themselves. According to our research a Mantis can be found online starting at £2389. However, it is important to note that the scooter is also available on the Motability scheme with a PIP weekly rental fee of £29.45.

The Monarch Mantis gets 2.5 BBS Ticks  for style and mobility……



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  1. Glyn Brown

    Where is the nearest stockist to Co Durham

  2. C.F.Scrowston

    I have a Monarch Mantis 8 mph scooter which was supplied by Mobility Plus in the Uk and i took delivery in
    Dublin in March 2018. I live in Tenerife and the Mantis seemed ideal at the time … But. This scooter is constantly breaking down , used up the batteries in less than a year, the link between the front and back had to be repaired frequently and now changed, it has cost me a huge amount in repairs and i hesitate to take it out alone as i have had to be rescued so often. In short it is a total lemon, waste of cash, do not buy one! No wonder it is unavailable. It has been a problem from new.