This is our occasional series looking at new designs and products for disabled people. It has to be occasional as not much changes with regard to design and disability!?? this time we’ve come across some new innovations prompted by our readers questions…….

1ST A Folding Wheelchair That Reinvents The Wheel – Revolve Air

Revolve Air is the definition of innovation as it literally reinvents the wheel. A wheelchair designed initially to make air travel easier it folds to the size of cabin luggage with its folding wheels – the most rigid piece of a manual wheelchair. They’ve developed a corresponding app so you can call for one at an airport to help you get around more easily. The folding wheel not only helps with air transport it also makes any transport easier for an active wheelchair user.

As with all great inventions it’s looking for funding and is not in production as yet. We can only hope it’s not too long before this amazing product is available – it really does reinvent the wheel.

2ND A Walking Bike

We received an enquiry for an Alinker Walking Bike, reviewed previously, as an aide for walking but with wheels and a seat. Particularly helpful for those who can walk but suffer with fatigue or pain in walking. The only problem is they’re difficult to try and buy and expensive at £1640 + VAT. Another option is the City Walker from Van Raam, in The Netherlands, a lot cheaper at €570 + VAT, but again you can’t try (unless you’re near a dealer) or return, if you don’t like it. John preston is a dealer who have showrooms in Edinburgh and Lisburn, NI and there’s Get Cycling in York.  The City Walker folds into the boot of a car and is a neat walking assist that looks cool and is an alternative to a rollator (see our previous rollator reviews).

Another alternative walking bike is this one from Strider Bikes primarily for children to learn on but if you look at the 13+ version it could easily be useful for an adult and is only £239.99??


3RD A Modern and A Sturdy Toilet Assist

For anyone who’s tried the current toilet assists or raisers these are useful but liable to move when you sit on them as they’re usually attached with bolts to the side of the toilet and are made of less than sturdy plastic. I personally have looked in vain for a simple product that helps heighten my toilet without major plumbing work until now.

The Versus Arthritis new shop ARTHR has a range of useful gadgets including this innovative toilet riser that looks good, is sturdy and does the job with the minimal of adjustment. It slides into place and bolts onto an existing toilet. Not too expensive at £208.33 + VAT. I’m going to try one and will review as the user comments on their site vary with regard to its stability.

That’s all for now but if you see anything new, life changing or revolutionary that helps disabled people let us know and we’ll post here.


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