The Maris Practice a local alternative therapy resource sent me this very useful advice and I wanted to pass it on. In particular the hypnotherapist has given some stress relieving therapy that I’ve used and found relevant in this disturbing time……

In these stressful times I thought it would be helpful to remind you about how to boost your immune system naturally with these pointers;

  • A balanced healthy diet – lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, limited alcohol, avoiding processed foods. This is just so key to your health! Read more here.
  • Sufficient and good quality sleep – avoiding caffeine from lunchtime, no using screens at bedtime, and if needed a meditation app to help you drift off.
  • Exercise, and if you can outdoors, where you can get your Vitamin D which is especially important as we come out of winter darkness – find out more about this here. Daily supplementation of vitamin D has been shown to help with viral respiratory infections so start taking this for the coming weeks.
  • Follow good personal hygiene with dedicated teeth brushing and flossing, keep your fingernails short (avoiding providing a breeding ground for bacteria), and of course proper hand washing with soap (don’t forget to moisturise regularly to avoid cracking).
Hypnotherapy Can Build The Immune System & Relieve Stress
Hypnotherapy Can Build The Immune System & Relieve Stress
  • Manage stress levels – this can be difficult at the moment. Limit social media and news feeds. If ever there was a time to ‘be present’ and live in the moment, this is it. Diet, sleep and exercise will all help, as will meditation and hypnotherapy. Click here for a FREE recording from our hypnotherapist,, Louise Coyle. Remember ‘this too will pass’
Hypnotherapist Louise Coyle
Hypnotherapist Louise Coyle Gives a Free Recording to Relieve Stress In the Link Above

Our HomeopathShauna Estrada recommends these remedies for this time but as with most symptoms these should be evaluated on a case by case scenario. If you would like further support, Shauna is doing Skype / Facetime a one-off 20 minute consultations to help with symptoms (£30 for a 20 minute call with up to 3 remedies).

  • Bryonia 200 for dry cough and headache,
  • Belladona 200 for a fever,
  • Lycopodium Gelsemium 200 for aching limbs, lethargy and headaches,
  • Arsenicum Alb 200 Chest/pneumonia Camphor 200 for fever, dry cough.
If you have any other tips you’d like to share please let us know here. Stay safe and keep well…………laughter is often the best therapy so enjoy the following (& apologies for the language & Irish gag)…

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