On 7th Oct 2019 we will be presenting the winners of The Blue Badge Access Awards at The Langham in London (tickets available here) and here’s one of the nominees for Best Restaurant:

Xavier Pellicer in Barcelona, is rated as one of the best vegetarian restaurants and won Best Vegetable Restaurant in the World in 2018. Our French Lieutenant , Yaz, visited and said

‘This is a fantastic, outstanding and modern take on the best vegetables in the world’. They do serve vegan and ‘omnivorous’ menus as well!

Xavier gained a Michelin Star in his previous restaurant, Celeri and in 2019 they gave this new incarnation a Good Standard rating and said

‘The most personal offering to date from this chef, who continues to champion healthy and organic cuisine. Dining options here include one space which is more informal and another, “El Menjador”, with a more gastronomic focus.’

He (Yaz not Xavier) also took these photos of  the great disabled access – there’s a lift between floors and unusually for a small restaurant, there’s also an accessible toilet. Only two bars but there’s plenty of room to move and the basin is at the correct wheelchair height. The surfaces are hard so it can get noisy and there’s plenty of light in the two restaurant areas.


Xavier Pellicer get 2.5 BBS Ticks for Style and Accessibility.

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