On 7th Oct 2019 we will be presenting the winners of The Blue Badge Access Awards at The Langham in London (tickets available here) and here’s one of the nominees for Best Restaurant(s), The Ivy Collection,  an upmarket chain of restaurants where all are accessible and have disabled toilets:

We Previously reviewed the original Ivy in Covent Garden – a club/restaurant famous for its celebrity clientele.

The owners Caprice Holdings have now used this model to create a number of restaurants across the UK & Ireland. They say,

“The Ivy Collection restaurants bring the inimitable service and vibrant surroundings for which The Ivy is loved and revered to a select group of upmarket brasseries and neighbourhood cafés”.

We’ve reviewed Ivy Richmond, Ivy Winchester, & Ivy kensington and all received 2.5 BBS Ticks for style (all look like the original) and accessibility. We’ve also visited The Ivy Market Grill (Covent Garden), Ivy Cambridge and Ivy Chelsea and they also have the same art deco style with great accessibility and service. It’s remarkable how they’ve achieved this in all the restaurants and each one has the original Ivy ambience, treating you as a  celeb! Their ambition is to create

“Sophisticated & relaxed all day dining” and the few we’ve visited have achieved that.


We also called the other ‘Ivys’ and here’s what was said:

Ivy Clifton, Bristol has a Disabled Toilet (DT) & Portable Ramp for access.

Ivy Edinburgh has flat access & DT.

Ivy Harrogate has flat access & DT

Ivy Dublin has flat access & DT

Ivy Leeds DT & flat access

Ivy Norwich flat access & DT

Ivy Birmingham says there’s a tiny incline & DT

Ivy in the Park, Canary Wharf flat access and DT.

If you’re in any doubt this  video explains the ethos for the staff…..

This s not the full list as we can’t keep up with there creeping Ivy developments. We can only assume the same is true of all their venues which means you can at last make impromptu visits to a brasserie/cafe and be 99% sure you’ll get in and be able to use the toilet!!!!!!!. Please let us know if you’ve visited any and we’ll add your review; contact us.

The whole chain gets 2.5 BBS Ticks and Caprice Holdings get 3 BBS Ticks for achieving what once was impossible – disabled people, whoever they are, are included and also get the celebrity treatment.


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