On 7th Oct 2019 we will be presenting the winners of The Blue Badge Access Awards at The Langham in London (tickets available here) and here’s one of the nominees for Best Restaurant:

Visited by The Relative Lieutenant Hicce is located within the pedestrianised Coal Drops yard of Kings Cross (which BTW has 3 accessible toilets!). The menu is very reasonable around £5 for a starter and £9 – £13 for a main.

Created by Pip Lacey and Gordy McIntyre; Pip is from our highly rated Murano and was a winner of Great British Menu 2017. Gordy’s background includes the renowned Conran restaurant group.

Founders of Hicce, Pip Lacey From Murano & Gordy McIntyre of Conran Group - Where's the Open Fire Cookery?
Founders of Hicce, Pip Lacey From Murano and Gordy McIntyre of Conran Group – Where’s the Open Fire Cookery?

They say of Hicce

‘hicce, means ‘current, of the moment’ in latin. We serve modern dishes cooked over an open wood fire,’

It’s located on the 2nd floor and there’s a great lift. The food and access in the restaurant is also good, there is a disabled toilet (we’re awaiting a photo) however, the ambience at lunchtime was of ‘somewhere no one had heard of’. The review by Grace Dent of The Guardian suggests it’s a bit more lively in the evening,

‘I liked Hicce very much. The cocktails are marvellous; the new, young, bright-eyed staff are warm and attentive; they play house music all night long, and there’s a bar curving through the room that I’d happily sit at and eat beer bread, a plate of sprouts, and one of Lacey’s magical, life-changing muscovado creme caramels…’

The lively ambience has been verified by one of my other Lieutenants and they therefore get 2.5 BBS Ticks for style & accessibility.

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