Celebrate 50 Years Since The Moon Landing at Two Iconic and Accessible Space Centres

The National Space Centre, Leicester 

Featured in our Valentine’s article, this is an experience at any time. More importantly you can go for a sleep over in celebration of 50 years since the Moon Landing, 20th July 1969. Accessible and welcoming to disabled people. There’s also

An immersive fulldome show celebrating the Apollo Space programme. Take a seat in the UK’s largest Planetarium ……….a multi award-winning fulldome show… ‘CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story’.’

Before you get too excited read the conspiracy theories here. Was it all a fake? Some theories are that NASA “staged the 1969 moon landing in a Hollywood Studio and that it was directed by Stanley Kubrick and funded by Disney.” I prefer to believe it to be true, it was so exciting to see it on TV. See Apollo 11 take off in this Live Stream from Ch.4

Back to the space Centre, here you get the chance to explore the iconic 42m high Rocket Tower and you can hire the venue for weddings, conferences and parties. There are always interesting events being held amd it’s worth signing up for their mailing list.

If hired included in your evening is an opportunity to discover the Centre’s galleries in near exclusivity.

Access info can be found here & includes :

  • Disabled parking spaces available (parking charges apply)
  • The Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium has spaces for up to 6 wheelchairs
  • Wheelchairs are available on loan to visitors free of charge (subject to availability)
  • Large print information is available upon request
  • Assistance dogs are welcome
  • Touch tours are available with prior booking
  • An induction loop is fitted in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium
  • Most audio exhibits are subtitled
  • Seating is available throughout the galleries

It’s out of this world and gets a provisional 2.5 BBS Ticks for style & Space.

If you’re in the US you can also celebrate at The Kennedy Space Centre ,

Where there are ‘Flashback’ events including the earth re-entry touch-down on Jul 24. There was even a celebratory concert with Duran Duran on Jul 16.

Apollo 11 Touch Down
Apollo 11 Touch-Down is Part of The Flashback Events at kennedy Space Centre, Florida

As far as accessibility is concerned there’s a comprehensive document on the website and it appears there are accessible restrooms everywhere (please remember US toilets usually only have grab rails around the wall) and they say ‘all tour buses are equipped with wheelchair- and scooter-accessible lifts’. It appears that everywhere is accessible, additionally they have guides for people with sensory requirements such as autism and for the partially sighted. We give them an unaudited 3BBS Ticks, they have iconic style and accessibility.

If anyone’s been and can testify to the accessibility of either space centre please get in contact here………. Or maybe these are fake & subject of a conspiracy theory?? 🙂

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