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Home lifts Hit New Heights as Travelling Distance is Extended

There is a new range of home lifts available for wheelchair users who live in a period property or a home with high ceilings who formerly found that domestic lifts could not be fitted in their house.

Previously wheelchair users in properties with high ceilings might have had to opt for the less practical, more cumbersome and far from attractive stairlift. To address this issue Stiltz Home Lifts has expanded the capabilities of its latest range of innovative wheelchair lifts to be used at extended heights of up to 4.5 metres.

As part of the company’s continuous investment in product development, the new Stiltz Trio+ Wheelchair Lift has been designed to answer wheelchair users’ accessibility needs in the home, whilst not compromising on sleek style. It is a compact and attractive wheelchair lift, with a neat and surprisingly small footprint, yet can easily fit a standard-sized wheelchair.

Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift Hits New Heights
Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift Hits New Heights

In order for the lift to travel an extra half a metre, Stiltz have increased the size of the drum, while the modular, self-supporting rails can be customised to fit the requirements of any ceiling. The longer travel option means the lifts can be installed in even more varied types of property, such as period buildings or homes with high ceilings.

Unlike other wheelchair lifts, the Trio+ does not use noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems and is powered by a quiet electric motor drive system. It plugs straight into any normal 13 amp power socket and delivers flawless performance. The Trio+ does not require load bearing walls as the lift uses the unique Stiltz dual rail technology which creates a self-supporting structure meaning that it can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. The longer travel option means that the Trio+ offers customers an even greater number of installation options.

Stiltz Home Lifts worked hard to extend the travel distance of their lifts following feedback from distributors in countries like France and Germany, where properties often have higher ceilings than in the UK. The new 4.5 metre travel option means there is now a unique solution for customers with higher ceilings who have an immediate need for a home lift.

This post has written for by Stiltz Home Lifts who offer a range of wheelchair lifts.

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