The Importance of Access to Dementia Friendly Facilities and Activities

Organising a trip with someone living with dementia may require substantial planning, however the rise in dementia friendly facilities means that there are now more safe and comfortable environments to visit. These facilities are highly important for providing an enjoyable day out for someone living with dementia and also offer carers peace of mind.

Here, we explore the importance of access to different dementia friendly facilities and activities.

Dementia Friendly Facilities

When living with dementia, new, crowded and loud places can trigger stress, confusion and anxiety; dementia friendly facilities alter their environment to suit the needs of those living with dementia, and usually have specially trained staff on hand who are happy to help.

Many local attractions, such as parks or museums, now hold dementia friendly days, mornings or afternoons where they cater to the needs of those living with dementia; this could be by making areas more accessible, reducing the noise, ensuring there are no crowds or by having trained staff on hand.

Other dementia friendly attractions which are becoming increasingly popular are local theatre classes, whereby those living with dementia can have fun and socialise in a group environment, specifically designed to suit their needs.

These adjustments mean that those living with dementia can still enjoy days out without added stress. If you’re not sure whether a facility is dementia friendly, why not give them a call and see if they can assist you in making certain arrangements, or perhaps if they have a dedicated date for dementia friendly events.

Dementia Activities

Keeping the mind and body active is a great way to curb boredom, isolation and support the skills of someone living with dementia. Activities which help to encourage conversation, relaxation and reminiscence are all highly beneficial and can assist in improving everyday wellbeing. Dementia friendly activities can include everything from exploring dementia products from Active Minds, to creating a scrapbook of family photographs and even gardening.

Why not consider the appropriate activities that encourage mobility and the use of cognitive skills, for your loved one?

Dementia Café’s

Dementia cafés are becoming increasingly popular as relaxing places for those living with dementia to socialise. Usually held at community centres or local hotels to provide easy access for all, dementia cafés are similar to regular cafés in that they are a relaxing environment to enjoy a coffee with friends. However, they also have dementia friendly activities and are usually run by volunteers who have experience and training in dementia care, and some even have community nurses available on hand to offer advice.

Dementia cafés provide an excellent opportunity for you and your loved one to socialise with other people who are in a similar situation. Living with dementia can often feel isolating so having the opportunity to meet others in the same position can be comforting.

Community Activities

Dementia friendly communities are designed to ensure that residents living with dementia feel safe, supported and understood by the wider community. When creating these communities, it is important that the needs of those living with dementia are listened to and respected.

A community which is respectful of those living with dementia means that there will be an increase in opportunities to hold dementia friendly events such as group walks, exercise classes, community groups and social events.

So, why not visit your local dementia friendly facilities with your loved one and experience a safe and fulfilled day out? Remember to plan a range of different dementia friendly activities to fill your day and make it engaging and enjoyable for your loved one.


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