9 Habits of Financially-Stable People with Disabilities

To enjoy good financial health, you should always have a plan to take care of your money. With disability comes certain financial challenges. The high costs of medical & social care can drain your wallet frequently. But that doesn’t mean people with disabilities cannot achieve financial stability.


Financially stable people, disabled or not, adopt these habits:

A Side Income (Easier Said than done)!

A constant income is important to deal with sudden expenses and needs. If you are good with money, you can maintain a steady flow of income via different sources. It may be a side job, investments or even a small business making you some extra bucks.

You can also become an angel investor by lending someone money to start their own business. Become a shareholder or earn money by renting your assets. Basically, you should always be working on improving your stream of income. This helps them pay off their emergency medical bills, if they may pop up.

They save money

Saving money helps them navigate through the times when they might be out of jobs or need a take a long medical break.

You could be saving money through any of these methods:

  • You have a list of all your expenses, from your regular breakfast to your tea and snacks, etc. You know where you can cut without compromising on your lifestyle.
  • You have a budget and divide it according to your expenses.
  • You have a plan to save money. A good plan is to save at least 10-15% of your income. Make sure you are spending where there actually a need to spend. If your expenses are higher than your income, it is time to cut back on your expenses and save a tiny portion of your income.
  • You have set goals for yourself. Look onto something as a motivation to save money, like a vacation, family trip, getting a new gadget or even a property, etc.
  • You have set your priority need and saving accordingly. This could be buying a new property or a car etc. You should always have a long-term saving plan.


Their Credit is in Check:

They know their credit report and they check it regularly. They know why it is important to have a good credit report and you strive to do those things. It helps them land better jobs, get better insurance and face minimum stress in life.

CreditRepair.com Review (Updated for 2019) helps you to repair your credit. Improve your credit score by paying your bills on time. Avoid taking out too many loans. Pay up loans on time. Let your creditors see you pay your bills on time. Keep track of your credit use and spend under 30 percent of your credit card limit.

They know how much they can spend

Most financially-stable people with disabilities have a user-friendly tracking app on their phone to keep tracking what and when they spend your money on.

Another way is by making separate envelopes for every expense. Put money in your savings envelope first. This way you know how much you are spending and how much you have left for savings. Also, create checklists or even a separate account for your spending to make tracking easier.

They pay bills on time

People with disabilities are aware that they might be facing a medical emergency in their near future so they pay their bills as soon as they can.

You divide your income into savings, expenses, and loans and make monthly drafts for these. Same goes for your cable, electricity, water, and other utility bills. You can use your bank’s payment facility and make most of your payments online.

They buy things when they need them

Being good with money means buying things we really need and not regretting later on.

To sort this out, you always ask yourself if you really need this thing. What will you do with it? How long would you use it? Is it your need or just another want? These questions will help you decide quicker and better.

The high costs of medical care, Expenses in treatment, nursing homes, healthcare,insurance ect. concept

They’re planning ahead for a successful retirement

People with disabilities know they might not be working the same length of time as other people. This means they have to plan for a successful retirement by creating a good retirement fund plan.

For a successful retirement, you need to think ahead and calculate how much money you need for it. Then do your tax and other calculations and make a plan. Expand your sources of income to reach your goal of a successful retirement.

For this, you have already started saving a quarter portion of your income specifically for your post-retirement period. You are educating yourself with the changing surroundings and variations in the economy.

They’ve talked to your partner about money

Talking about finances with your partner at the right time is very important. Bring up the money topic when you both are relaxed and do not keep much on your plate. Keep the conversation light at first. Then slowly talk about your goals and how you both plan to take it forward. Talk about the serious details and plan. You both need to know each other’s money beliefs.

They invest

Investing in the right place with the right plan always gives greater profits. You should always expand your income and invest your money wisely.

You can invest in the stock market if you have good background knowledge of the subject. Another could be buying investment bonds. They are less risky than stocks.

Make saving accounts and regularly deposit portions from all your income sources. You can invest in physical necessities too like buying real estate and renting it out, buying cars/transport vehicles and outsourcing them. Investing in gold and silver is a great option too.



If you’re looking for ways to save money this service tells you the discounts you can get if you have a disability, https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/money-saving-tips-and-discounts-for-disabled-people.

Scope also have a money advice service on their site https://www.scope.org.uk/advice-and-support/money.



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    what an amazing website. i came across your site whilst i have been looking for a wheelchair it is my first, i hit the point of accepting i need one and have to have one else i will be left in my bed till the end. the end would come very quickly as i have no family or support bar my beautiful daughter who is herself diabled with various conditions and i have cared for her for the past 6 years alone. now we are like the blind leading the blind. 70% of the time i can not even stand long enough to walk. i am failing in my duty to care for my daughter i must get mobile, i must sort out finances and i must get us out of this situation. as i can no longer work in my field (book and paper conservationist) we plummeted quickly into debt and are reliant on benefits from dwp. my head is a catastrophic mess of problems its like im a tiny girl with pig tales in a brown smock dress and lace up shoes stood looking straight up as a huge tornado of millions of words speed around me not one sentence is slow enough to make out all he problems mixed together spinning faster and faster around my hypnotized gaping wide eyed face.

    and now its stopped all the problems lay on the floor ready for me to de-tangle one by one. thankyou. thankyou for doing something completely different putting in an amazing amount of effort to give masses of information for disabled people and non disabled people, we are disabled not idiots. in searching different wesites i can state as fact every one is designed for only stupid people xx

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