The ‘D’ List looks at new things in the world of disability, you can see previous articles here. This month Gifted People in Ukraine contacted Blue Badge Style about their new wheelchair, Rocket 4 with its innovative suspension system – something needed in all wheelchairs!. First of all, before you ask, it’s not available outside of Ukraine yet but we thought we’d tell you about it anyway. They will be sending more details and here is the video that explains all……..there are scenes all wheelchair users will recognise!?!

The suspension is unique a because it always stays on all 4 wheels, whatever the uneven surface. Here’s what Gifted People say about the wheelchair,

“We are a group of engineers who independently created the technology aimed to significantly improve the living conditions of people with disabilities. After two years of work, we created a wheelchair, which makes it easy to overcome curbs and bumps and move on uneven road and pavement without shaking and with maximum comfort.

To make it more available for people we made it simple and with minimum of parts……………We agreed on the release of wheelchair without increasing prices by intermediate companies. Thus, we managed to reduce the price for a wheelchair of this level of comfort and functionality almost 2 times.”

We looked for Rocket 4 on a Ukrainian website and we believe the cost to be around £2900 so not too expensive. Let’s hope this is available soon and we can all travel over cobbles with ease.

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