Wheelchair lifts have evolved into being smooth, spacious and stylish additions to any home. They are now unrecognisable to what they once were and allow homeowners to move about their home with ease and comfort.

Safer and more sociable

Whereas wheelchair users were previously limited to a stairlift which requires assistance getting on and off, a modern wheelchair lift is quiet, smooth, safe and you are at the controls. It can be used completely autonomously. This new breed of wheelchair-friendly lifts are now even spacious enough to allow a companion to travel alongside you too.

Modern and stylish

Unlike old-fashioned wheelchair lifts which were unappealing and unattractive, modern wheelchair lifts are designed specifically to be stylish and blend into the surroundings of your home. Homeowners no longer have to compromise on style, but can choose from a range of different models, so that it suits the visual aesthetic of their homes.

Easy to use, discreet and fast

Whilst traditional wheelchair lifts could only be allowed in certain places and compromised on the overall style of the room, a number of home lifts on the market now can be installed almost anywhere in the home thanks to their special features.

It means that home lifts can be installed in discreet and hidden places, so homeowners do not need to be concerned about spoiling the aesthetics of their home. These modern domestic lifts also have a very small footprint and do not take up an abundance of space.

Home lifts can now take around only 30 seconds to move between floors which is convenient for homeowners who lead busy lives and need to move around quickly. New environmental concerns also mean that modern wheelchair lifts are designed to be quiet and energy efficient.

Convenient one-day installation

Homeowners do not have to live in unsafe and disruptive living conditions whilst wheelchair lifts are installed, because they can now take only one day to be fitted. The straightforward installation process is even more impressive as some of these lifts plug straight into a simple domestic wall socket for power.

Whilst many people assume that wheelchair lifts take up a large amount of space, homeowners can be reassured that the latest styles have a surprisingly small footprint so they don’t need to sacrifice any space.

This post has written for by Lifton Home Lifts who offer a range of wheelchair lifts.


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