Update 2018: Take a look at the ADDITI+ON SHOP for some new stylish walking sticks, including Guinsticks made of hazel and holly.

You can also find the Armani of crutches in the shop…………

The Armani of Crutches From IndesMed & Available at ADDITI+ON SHOP
The Armani of Crutches From IndesMed & Available at ADDITI+ON SHOP


Update Sept. 2015: The German Crutch Co. seems to have disappeared and the Ossenberg Crutch can now be purchased direct from their website or via Mobility Choices in the UK.


Update April 2015: The Flamingo Crutch is undergoing user trials with a view to mass production, according to the designer from Turkey, Can Guvenir. So watch this space and we’ll tell you when it’s available.

Flamingo Crutch - Stylish But Manufacture is Elusive
Flamingo Crutch – Stylish & Available Soon???

Update March 26 March 2015: Just heard from designer of Fulcrum Crutch and this was a design project and will never be made unless someone finds some money! Also been told about Top and Derby canes. Made in Canada they don’t ship to the UK yet. The key features are

“The handle has a distinct upturned nose which is comfortable to hold and intuitively positions the hand directly over the wood shaft. This unique detail also allows the cane to rest against a wall effortlessly for quick access; it can be propped up on its nose or side, without the cane slipping or falling…”

They look great and are not too expensive at $129

Non Slip Canes - Genius
Non Slip Canes – Genius
Three Colours Available ..Lights-out Black, Crybaby Blue, and On-the-vine Red.
Three Colours Available ..Lights-out Black, Crybaby Blue, and On-the-vine Red.

Let’s hope they supply Europe soon??!

It can be very difficult to find walking aids that look stylish and are individual; there’s no reason why crutches and walking sticks have to be grey or some other dull colour. The generic walking aids haven’t changed very much over the years but there are companies out there making big changes. We’ve updated our previous research and here are the results:

An old favourite are the Ossenberg crutches sold through The German Crutch Company. They have a selection of different colours to choose from as well as the option to have different cuffs and grips meaning that the crutch is hopefully more comfortable. The cheapest one is £57.95 for a pair and £30 for just one. The blackberry is the most popular colour, image is below.

Blackberry Crutch
The Popular Blackberry Crutch

Ossenberg also sell a very chic plain black, carbon fibre, folding walking stick which could come in very handy, especially when travelling. Similarly, designed2enable have a foldable walking cane which is funky if you like orange, called a FlexyFoot’ folding cane. The bottom of the walking stick bends so that it’s flat against the surface you are walking on therefore making it more stable (see the video below).

Very Cool Flexyfoot Cane
Very Cool Flexyfoot Cane

Want a fashionable walking cane? The classic has got to be from the Sabi collection, their Classic Cane are ‘ the perfect walking cane and fashion accessory in one’ (we’ll be the judge of that!). The handle is made from Birch wood (the same as skateboards) and comes in red, purple, blue and black with a wide curved handle that should put less pressure on your hand. They also have a replaceable rubber base if it should start to wear.

You can also get more lightweight canes from Sabi called, ‘Roam Sport Canes’ again these come is three colours, have curved handles but they are made from high strength aluminium, ‘durable and powder-painted, just like a bike, it offers a much more stable alternative to the adjustable walking cane.’

Sabi canes are again sold through designed2enable and the starting price for the classic canes are £61 and the lightweight £31 – they all come in three different sizes and the size chart is available on the website. There is a premium cane which is £79 is ‘a must have accessory for any stylish lady or gentleman’.

Sabi Classic Cane

If you are looking something that is a bit louder and more vibrant then maybe cool crutches and glam sticks are the places you need to be looking. At Cool Crutches you can get leopard print, union jack designs and even polka dot ones, or you could always just get a single colour on your crutch with no pattern. They also have the option to customise your own crutch – that could be good!?

As for Glam Sticks, they offer crutches and canes, foldable and non-foldable and most of the sticks they design are sparkly whether it’s a few lines or the entire stick that’s covered, either way if it’s bling you’re looking for then look no further! They also customise the Ossenberg crutches as mentioned above.

The cost of a glam sticks varies depending on type of stick and obviously the amount of bling you want! Basic cane is around £30 and if you want Swarovski crystals then you’re looking a fair amount more than that…

Multi-Coloured Glam Stick!


If your priority is comfort then maybe Mobilegs are best for you! Mobilegs are an American company, which have ergonomically re-designed a crutch so it is more comfortable and stable. Unlike some of the other crutches featured in this article, although they have altered the way the crutch looks the main priority was elsewhere, they still look very cool though!

Trendy Mobileg Crutch
Trendy Mobileg Crutch

Having said that they do have ‘Skins’ available from their website to change the colour, if you so wish.

We also reviewed some futuristic & creative designs in a previous article, some of which are highlighted here:

Another crutch designed for  comfort is The Fulcrum Modern Crutch Design and it is more attractive than usual crutch designs. It looks good and gives more support, comfort and manoeuvrability than most crutches, this crutch can also be turned into a simple walking cane too…Unfortunately this is too futuristic as it’s not in production as yet. We’re waiting to hear from the designer Arman Kirim. We assume this is him modelling the crutch..

Fulcrum Modern Crutch by Arman kirim - Everything You Need In One Piece. Let's Hope He Makes It???
Fulcrum Modern Crutch by Arman kirim – Everything You Need In One Piece. Let’s Hope He Makes It???

If you have the money the Manko Crutch is a beautiful and distinctive crutch. Designed to alleviate the pain that often comes with using crutches by using memory foam under the arm and on the hand grip of the crutch, this, along with the spring for suspension, means it makes walking much more comfortable. All of this combined with its wooden appearance makes for a very chic and comfortable crutch. Designed by David Batho, a Hungarian living in Boston, these appear to be individually commissioned pieces.

The Manko Crutch Designed to be Comfortable & Aesthetically Pleasing - Nirvana!
The Manko Crutch Designed to be Comfortable & Aesthetically Pleasing – Nirvana!

Another walking aid that is a work of art and is individually commissioned is the ‘By a Thread’ Cane, by Dominic Wilcox. Each cane is covered in cotton thread to produce a stunning result.

Multi Coloured Canes Threaded By Dominic Wilcox
Multi Coloured Canes Threaded By Dominic Wilcox

Another in the futuristic soon to be produced range of crutches, is the Flamingo Crutch, created by Turkish designer Can Guvenir we are still waiting to see if this is produced any time soon. We hope so as this got a lot of positive responses from our readers.

Flamingo Crutch - Stylish But Manufacture is Elusive
Flamingo Crutch – Stylish But Manufacture is Elusive
The Exec Flamingo Crutch Makes a Cool Statement Covered In Leather
The Exec Flamingo Crutch Makes a Cool Statement Covered In Leather


We finish with QED Crutches a funky one piece design from Germany. They’re vibrant and fun with a beautiful curved form that can be stacked easily. The big problem is that being made of one fluid piece comes with a lack of adjust-ability – not great for basketball players or jockeys then. Again we’re waiting to hear when you can buy them but they do appear to be in production.

If you can recommend any stylish crutches/canes that we missed out please do let us know!

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  1. Stella Benson

    Very interesting about sticks. However my problem is that I am bilateral amputee minus my fingers as well. I have short finger stumps which means holding a stick is difficult. The Sussex Rehabilitation Centre who look after me, have cast my hands and made a holder which is attached to my sticks. This isn’t very beautiful. I would love to have slightly more attractive sticks. Do you have any ideas?

    1. Fiona Jarvis Listing Owner

      Hi Stella not really. There’s a non slip stick from Top and Derby in Canada which may give you extra grip??

  2. Nathalie Sheridan

    I have a supplier to recommend – I was very pleased with the service received from Chic Aid Crutches in Leeds. Wide range of crutches & accessories

  3. Georgia

    I think this blog is fantastic! I couldn’t agree more that walking sticks can not only help with mobility, but can also reflect a person’s style and fashion. I particularly like the Sabi Canes, but all of the ones you have posted are great examples of walking sticks that are of high quality and also look great too! Thank you for a great read!

  4. Lyndsay Watterson

    Why shouldn’t a walking stick be colourful and beautiful! That was the driving force behind Neo Walk. Funky, unusual, stylish sticks. Everyone has a colourful side, disability or not, and everyone should have the opportunity to express theirs. Disability is often forgotten about when it comes to design and style. This is a small step in the right direction…pardon the pun. http://www.neo-walk.com

  5. Sharon Paik

    How do I find a Sabi cane? I already own one, and want to buy another. Is Sabi no longer in business?