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It can be really hard to find stylish mobility aids. It’s a real shame that so little attention is paid to making crutches and walking sticks that are a little bit more trendy. After all, these are pieces of equipment that people have to use all the time. They shouldn’t be stuck with something dull, clunky, noisy and grey.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more trendy mobility aids that we have found:

Sabi Walking Canes

These canes look really cool! They’re beautifully designed and look really vibrant and stylish. They come in a variety of colours and are apparently built to last a lifetime. They weigh 14 ounces and can support up to 300 pounds.

They’re made from a high-strength bicycle-grade aluminium shaft with a hooked birch wood handle. The handle widens in the right places and has a build in rubber strip to make it more comfortable and practical to hold. The shape of the handle also means that the user holds it directly above the tip which means they have increased stability.

Sabi canes are sold in the UK at Designed 2 Enable. The standard Sabi Cane costs £65 plus shipping costs. They come in three sizes depending on the height of the user.

mobility aids
Sabi Walking Cane Colours – £65

As well as their standard cane, Sabi have created the Luxe – an all black version of their walking cane due to popular demand for a more formal mobility aid. It comes in luxury packaging and the birch handle is stained to make it darker and richer. According to their website: “It is the criminally gorgeous and brooding hero. It is the reflection of a love affair.” This might be a slight overstatement but, whether you agree with that or not, you have to agree it does look very good.

The Luxe cane costs £128.

mobility aids
Sabi Luxe Cane – £128

The final form of Sabi cane is their sports cane which is ostensibly for taking out on hikes and walks. The design is largely the same but  with a matte finish rather than the brighter effect of the standard model.

It’s a fair bit lighter, weighing 9.5 oz. and has a reflective logo, for walking at night. The handle is foam rather than birch wood which makes it more suitable for providing a secure hold on long walks but also makes it a little cheaper (£36 plus shipping – it is sold in UK at Designed 2 Enable). It’s not quite as stylish as the standard cane but it is perhaps a little more practical for some people.

mobility aids
Sabi Sport Cane – £36

All the Sabi canes look fantastic and are really creatively designed. It shows that you can do interesting things when designing walking sticks!

Arbin Crutches

Arbin Crutches are great because they are so compact. They’re retractable, so when you are using them they can put aside taking up very little space. It removes the usual problem of your crutches getting in the way and making a unattractive mess, when they aren’t being used. These crutch’s handles slide down from the cuff and up the bottom slides up from the foot of the crutch to the small size of only 67 centimetres. Once folded in it can also be stood up on the handle making it easier to reach as well as being less noticeable. It’s really practical and stylish too!

Arbin crutches also look good when they are at their full height. They’re sleek and cool and they come in bronze or grey. They’re available in the UK at Chic Aid Crutches costing £184 including postage, packaging and VAT.

mobility aids
Arbin Crutches – £184
mobility aids
Folds Away Easily And Discreetly

Ossenberg Crutches

These mobility aids have been described as “the Ferrari of crutches”. Ossenberg’s ‘stealth crutches’ are German designed, so you expect efficiency and they don’t let you down. The arm cuff  is one of the most comfortable and well designed on the market. These mobility aids are ultralight, slim and comfortable helping to make their users feel less conscious their disability. They’re really sleek and stylish.

mobility aids
Ossenberg Crutches

Ossenberg crutches are sold in the UK through Mobility Choices who have replaced The German Crutch Co.. They have a variety of different designs with open and closed cuffs, different grips and a selection of different colours. The German Crutch Company has a range of closed cuff colours that are exclusively sold in the UK. This model costs £49.95 for a pair or £25 each (plus postage). Apparently the most popular colour is the blackberry one below.

mobility aids
Closed Cuff Colours Exclusive To The UK – £25
mobility aids
Blackberry Crutch

On top of these great crutches, Arbin have also designed a carbon fibre folding crutch. This looks really cool and can become small and portable. It hasn’t yet been released in the UK but we are led to believe it should become available reasonably soon.

mobility aids
Folding Carbon Fibre Crutch – Very Stylish, Easy To Store

Glam Sticks

If you like bling and want to make a bit of a statement with your mobility aids then Glam Sticks is the place to go. In 2011 they were named Mobility Product of the Year. They take no prisoners with their designs – covering the sticks in diamante and sparkles – making everything extravagant and shiny. Glam Sticks look to provide glitz and glamour to go along with your style. They’re particularly good fun for evenings out, providing a bit of glamour to go along with your outfit.

mobility aids
Kalaedescope Crutch – £57.99

Glam Sticks come in a variety of models and designs with varying prices. The amount you pay is essentially based on how ostentatious you want your stick to be or how much bling you want on your crutches. A fairly basic, but stylish, crutch costs just over £30. At the top end you can get a Swarovski encrusted walking cane – the ultimate decadent walking stick – for £224.99.

mobility aids
Swarovski Walking Stick – £224.99

Glam Sticks have picked up something of a following amongst injured celebrities, adding to their reputation for providing glitz and glamour. For instance, when Jessie J broke her leg last year, she wore a pair of Glam Sticks to the MTV Awards, giving her the required bling to accompany her style. These aids are great for providing a bit of luxury and sparkle, especially for a night out.

mobility aids
Jessie J Using Glam Stick Crutches

Cool Crutches

Cool Crutches offer people a range of crutches with fun, patterned designs. They also have a washable, removable neoprene squidgy grip which moulds to left and right hands and makes walking a lot more comfortable. They are possibly not quite as light and sleek as some of the other crutches we’ve featured but they are fun, colourful and, well, cool!

Most of the crutches cost £47.50 (not including VAT or shipping) but for £67.50 you can create your own custom design for them.

mobility aids
Cool Crutches Designs – prices vary

Ellipse Crutches 

This range offers a good range of block colours which liven up the crutches without becoming too garish. This might be preferable to people who don’t want to make quite as much of a statement, with their crutches, as someone who’d go for a Glam Stick, for instance, but who want to add a splash of colour to them.

You can chose from a variety of main and secondary colours to accompany the black handle. This is good because it means you can design your own crutches to be as bright as you want.

They’re available at Chic Crutches and cost £34.99 (plus VAT and shipping)

mobility aids
Nice Colour Range – £34.99


Mobilegs have created an interesting new design of crutch, using a ‘saddle’ instead of a the normal cuff at the crutch’s top. This is supposed to improve mobility, flexibility and comfort for users. They say that since it is so radically different, from traditional crutches, it can’t even be called a crutch but has been named a ‘mobi’.

Mobilegs are intelligently designed to help the user and really are quite different. They look a lot better than many traditional crutches too – certainly a lot sleeker, slimmer and less drab than NHS crutches. It’s also possible to get a ‘mobiskin’ to cover the shaft with a more distinct design.

The problem (and it’s quite a big one) is that Mobilegs are currently not available in the UK. When we got in touch with them they told us that they are still a relatively small start up company so they can only cater to the US market. However, since there might be ways around this, especially if you buy them online, we thought they were worth including. They cost $129 plus the (possibly substantial) cost of postage and shipping. We will keep you up to date should there be any change regarding UK distribution. Hopefully there will be soon!

mobility aids
Mobilegs Crutch
mobility aids
Intelligent Design

So that’s the end of our list of trendy mobility aids. We’ve had a variety of styles, designs and prices in there. From Sabi to Glam Sticks – hopefully there should be something for everyone in there!

If you know of any other trendy mobility aids on the market please get in touch with us.

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  1. Duncan Edwards


    This is a brilliant post! I would love to guest post this on our livingwithdisability blog, with a link back to the original and a credit, of course. Would that be ok?

    Would you be willing to look at reviewing trabasack as a trendy mobility aid?

    Best wishes


    1. Fiona Jarvis

      Hi Duncan

      That would be fine. Just send us some info on Trabasack

  2. allyson bottrill

    due to balance and walking problems i use a seat stick but this puts too much pressure on my arm/shoulder (right side) so your mobi crutch and cool crutches look better that they take away the pressure. Is there any outlet where i could see them in the flesh and try them????? very good informative site which i found through the mail on sunday article in the health section of the review.

  3. sandra

    im looking for a funky egonomic ambidextrous walking stick

  4. Judith

    Lokking for comfortable, lightweight, colored and not too expansive crutches.

    1. Fiona Jarvis

      Try ossenberg Crutches from the German Crutch Company mention BBS you may get a discount

  5. Lee Riley

    I hope you can help. I use my full cuff crutches every day, but when getting into the car I have to swing them over my passengers heads every time. And if I have passengers in the back they take charge of them . What I need is a crutch that either folds in half , or can collapse to at least half it’s size.

    1. Max Listing Owner

      Hi Lee, There are a couple of folding crutches out there including Quickstep (not half size when folded) and Vilgo (not sure if they do full cuff) but Ossenberg are probably the best.

      I’ve just spoken to somebody at The German Crutch Company who sell Ossenbergs in the UK and they said that at the end of November they’ll be getting in new closed cuff, folding crutches. They look really cool – they’re the ones that hadn’t been released when we wrote this originally. I’d recommend those to you as they fold into three pieces so are easily half size and seem to fill your criteria.

      If you’re interested,give them a call and I’m sure they can sort you out! Here’s a link to their website – contact details are there too:


  6. Michelle

    Hi there,
    I’m looking for a tripod walking stick, any idea where I should look? I can only find crutches or single sticks.


  7. Nhu Nguyen

    Hello I want to buy a pair of folding forearm crutches I’m in the US does anyone have any idea? Thank you so much.

  8. Jenni Plaskow

    Hello. I am trying to find someone who makes closed cuff crutches in beautiful colours that have coloured cuffs, handles, bungs etc. Any ideas please. Preferably ‘non-clicking’ ones too. They don’t need to be adjustable either.
    Many thanks
    Jenni Plaskow

    1. Daniel

      The only ones we know of are the Ossenberg crutches from The German Crutch Company. I think they sell on eBay as well

  9. Tonia

    I think you should check your links The German Crutch Company you refer to is nothing but an ad site so dissappointed as was hoping to get Ossenbergs from them as out of stock on Amazon

  10. Angela

    How about some walking frames
    That are not granny ones
    There plenty baby buggys
    You could use some design from
    I’m a stylish woman with MS over 50
    But their is a very big gap in the market
    Something that looks like a shopping trolley
    That’s light weight and folds like a baby buggy

    1. Fiona Jarvis

      We have 2 new rollators to trial so look out for the videos. They are te ‘Let’s Fly’ from Trust Care a Swedish design and the Rollz Flex a very lightweight trolley/rollator

  11. Marc

    7 August 18

    Hi. I’m super interested in acquiring a pair of the Quickstep travel crutches by Arbin but I’m having enormous difficulty locating a pair. I can’t access the manufacturer’s web site in the Netherlands. Also, I can’t access the Chic Aid web site and am wondering if they went out of business. I’d be so grateful if you could locate a pair of Quickstep crutches available for sale. Am a California resident but open to buy from sellers worldwide.

    1. Fiona Jarvis

      Unfortunately Arbin crutches have stopped trading.

  12. Yvonne McKillop

    Hi looking for comfort in crutches and fold away don’t want to use services that SSAFA got my bed from as mattress has sunk within 6 monthsb

    1. Fiona Jarvis

      Sorry for the late response but we’ve not been able to find comfortable and foldable crutches.