This ‘D’ List -all new things in the world of disability – has been prompted by a reader review of a car transfer system for the less mobile and a mail we received at BBS Towers asking for more up-to-date information on current wheelchairs and mobility devices that you can buy now. A number of our previous reviews covered new concept designs so here’s a look at what’s available now – not always stylish but they do empower freedom from disability!

1st The Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo is a new design electric wheelchair from Sunrise Medical. It has a new seating system with a better suspension and recline mechanism. Prices start from £10,500. Why can’t this be made available on manual chairs, I hear you say?? (Especially the suspension)?? According to my friendly wheelchair technician the only issue is cost……..Nevertheless this is a rather good looking electric chair. They say it has

‘excellent performance indoors and out. SpiderTracTM 2.0 suspension enables smooth kerb climbing and the addition of sports suspension’

2nd Carony Go wheelchair/swivel car seat. Not new but new to us, a review from a reader Jenny prompted our interest. Originally she enquired about an electric attachment that motorised a manual chair (reviewed here) but gave up on that idea and bought a Carony Go car seat that transforms into an electric wheelchair. Made in Sweden by Autoadapt ‘a leading global provider of safe vehicle adaptation solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility’. Watch the video, it explains all and Jenny says of her £10,000 investment…….

I bought the swivelling passenger seat two years before we bought the rechargeable motor/electric bit last August. A hoist ( included in £10.000) is fitted  into the boot as the motor bit is too heavy for anyone to lift. You have probably googled it to see how it all works…..unfortunately my husband still has to lift my feet in but the seat swivels as he does so which is helpful. The garage that fitted mine ……Cowfold, West Sussex drilled an extra hole in each of the runners in the car so that the seat will slide back another 2″ giving a bit more room for David to get my legs in. I suppose that at some point in the future some bright spark will invent some way of lifting the feet as the seat swivels…..though not in my lifetime!

The Carony Go is an excellent way of entering/exiting the car if legs cannot weight bear. Though expensive I got an interest free loan for 24 months from a building society so that is do able and not too painful each month.’

It’s a 30 year old development but still the only one. They’ve also been positively reviewed by consumer research group RICA . Distributors are Elap in the UK and BraunAbility in the US. Carony Go Wheelchair works in conjunction with a swivel seat in a vehicle and here are the prices:

Carony Go with no swivel seat- £6955. Turny Evo with Carony Go – £12,710. Manual Turnout with Bev seat & Carony Go- £8567. Electric turnout with Bev seat & Carony go – £9054. All ex Vat. Expensive but what price ‘freedom to travel’?


3rd Kuschall champion SK  is the smallest folding wheelchair and I bought one as it could fit into the boot of my Audi Cabriolet…kuschall say they

‘have created a wheelchair which is worldwide unique and can be folded to the smallest package as no other wheelchair in its class.’

When folded it’s 33cm x 67cm x22cm and slightly larger than an A4 folder. I had to change the footplate mechanism as it was difficult for me to stand with it in it’s fixed position. Looked good though and was admired by my carers as folding was easy, I could even fold it myself and place in the passenger seat of the car as it was light to lift.

The basic price is £2515 which isn’t too bad considering the benefits for transportation.

4th The Genny an expensive 2 wheeled mobility solution (see previous review) starting around £10k but now they offer the Urban version for £12/day with a 24 month Interest Free finance agreement.

The agreement covers the following:

Genny Urban Deluxe 2.0 or Genny XR, 5 years warranty, 5 years servicing and first year full insurance. It seems more and more suppliers are offering these finance agreements as the cost of more innovative mobility devices is prohibitive to most of us.

5th The Atto Freedom Scooter from Moving life is a welcome addition to scooter designs, you can see others we previously reviewed. The Atto looks neat & stylish, folds to the size of trolley luggage and weighs 66 lbs. The battery gives a 10 mile coverage with a 4 hour charge time and the maximum speed is 6 mph – whoa!?! The video explains all…..


The Atto costs $3500 or £2500- £3100 depending which distributor you use and we suggest you search on google for the best deal.

That’s it for now but as we get more reviews we’ll publish them here. As always contact us if you’ve tried any of the above or if you know of something new we should publish on the ‘D’ List.

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