1ST, The UNYQ Align a personalised, fashionable and breathable’ back brace produced by UNYQ (Seattle and Seville). It’s intended for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). We like all the features of this as young girls with scoliosis need to look good whilst they have to wear a brace for long periods. The brace is lighter and more trendy than the normal brace and is something Vivienne Westwood could have designed. It does need to be correctly prescribed by a physician so contact their website for more information. Yet another progression using 3D printing technology. When is that 3D wheelchair going to be produced??

2ND,  A Fashion Statement Wheelchair from Rhubarb London  who are

“creators and manufacturers of eclectic, handcrafted furniture. At the heart of every RhubarbLondon design lies its distinctive upholstery, sourced from original archives by the brand’s founder and head creative, Shaun Brownell. Proudly crafted in Britain, each individual piece embodies a slice of history, blending rare fabrics and antique uniforms with exquisitely applied upholstery techniques to create truly unique designs”.

Rhubarb London Re-Upholster Chairs With Old Suits. Now Their Attention Has Turned to Wheelchairs.....
Rhubarb London Re-Upholster Chairs With Old Suits. Now Their Attention Has Turned to Wheelchairs…..

They have diversified into producing custom upholstered wheelchairs and they assert ‘Why should immobile people not make a fashion statement! ‘. They’ve taken a lightweight foldable wheelchair and

“recovered it in a beautiful ‘Harris Tweed’ and ‘Liberty of London’ fabrics.  Rear pocket for accessories. Adjustable footrests for comfort. We have both 18 & 20-inch seat frames available in other fabric choices or we are happy to re-upholster your own wheelchair in a new fabric.”

They are visited by appointment only and the showroom is downstairs but they will come to you. The wheelchairs cost £660 each (inclusive of chair) and they will provide upholstery for pre-bought chairs (price on application). We think this is the perfect gift for the fashion conscious wheelchair user and is only the cost of a designer handbag & shoes. Plus more good news if you contact them quoting Blue Badge Style you’ll get a 10% reduction in price. Use this email to enquire julie@rhubarblondon.com. If anyone buys a chair send us a photo your finished result, contact us.

3RD Is Tall Ship Sailing with The Jubilee Sailing Trust, something you can buy as a Xmas gift for a disabled person who wants to take up a new hobby – sailing, on Tall ships!!. Based in Southampton and Australia they provide ‘life-changing adventures to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of physical ability’. They offer days out or month long voyages on two different Tall Ships, The Lord Nelson and The Tenacious they are the only tall ships in the world designed so they can be sailed by a crew with widely varied physical abilities. As they say

‘Every aspect of shipboard life is available to all, from setting the sails, going aloft and helming the ship. Among the many features found on Lord Nelson and Tenacious are:

  • Wide decks for ease of movement
  • Lifts between deck levels
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Signage in braille
  • Guidance tracks, tactile stair strips and raised directional arrows on handrails.

Watch the video and get the ‘bug’ for sailing.

That’s it for this edition and throughout December we’ll be highlighting more potential Xmas gifts…….you know which one I want!!

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