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  1. Keil Oberlander


    I just read the article that was linked to this post. It enlightened the fact to me, that although a restaurant, hotel, or other facility might be accessible, it may actually be inaccessible in the present moment because it has been blocked by storage items, new shipment, or perhaps rendered inaccessible by a poorly placed hand-dryer, sink, or other bathroom necessity.

    Having only recently discovered this blog and the excellent tool of scoping out how accessible locations are via BBS, I wonder if there is a way to spread the news that a place may not be accessible although it may be advertised as being such? Yelp often critiques places based on the atmosphere and food, but is there an app or some sort of platform where the same can be reported/posted about its accessibility?

    Thank you!

    1. Fiona Jarvis Listing Owner


      You’ve just found it. Using our App you can drop a pin and add a review, we then follow up with detailed questions on accessibility