With the New Year people often want a new or refreshed ‘look’ – not so easy for some, as going to the hairdressers can be a chore rather than a pleasure if you’re less able. We previously wrote about accessible spas from around the UK and we even identified a new invention by Ridone the WOW Shampoo Bowl (see it here). It allows people in wheelchairs to get their hair washed at a salon as it moves to you for a perfect wash. But still the majority of hairdressers & spas can’t deal with wheelchairs, even though they’re supposed to. They may be accessible as far as getting into the place is concerned but having your hair washed/coloured usually means transferring to a chair and basin.

The easiest way to look good is to get someone to come to you but I’ve found that as soon as I mention my wheelchair many services are reluctant to visit. I was therefore encouraged to meet the founders of Gwenelda – “An Affordable Extravaganza”. They provide hair and beauty services from 7am to 9pm in the comfort of your own home.

They’re relatively affordable (especially when you take away the cost of travel) e.g. a manicure is £23, wash & cut £25 and a 30 minute massage is £40.

Daniela and Barbara (the co-founders) are both working professionals and mothers. So for them, time is in limited supply and very often they are home bound, just like many disabled people. So for them an easier way to get access to beauty and hair treatments was to provide a mobile version and hence the idea of Gwenelda was born.

Gwenelda logo

Using the Gwenelda platform, anyone can book a hair, beauty or a massage professional to come to their home, office or hotel room within London. They are currently concentrating in zones 1-3 but will soon be expanding their reach to all areas of London within the M25. Who knows if successful they may go nationwide.

“Ultimately, it’s a solution that makes life considerably easier for a lot of women when it comes to their appearance,” they explain. “From the onset we decided we needed to cater for a community of less mobile women”. Their differentiating factor they explain is that “we work with a lot of well rounded beauticians who can cater for more than one treatment and therefore Gwenelda is becoming a one stop shop for a lot of your beauty requirements”.

Gwenelda expects their hairdressers and beauticians to meet their very high standards and provide top-quality treatments and customer service. They are all qualified and insured and have to go through a thorough process to become Gwenelda-approved. Here’s the best part if you’re a BBS reader you can have 10% off – a gift for the new year!

Let me know if there are other mobile beauticians who cater for the ‘less able’ – Contact Us – we’ll add them to the list for our community.

N.B. While researching accessible hairdressers I also came across this salon concept from France. It’s ingenious (video is in french but you’ll get the idea) and let’s hope it spreads as home beauty treatments are definitely easier but we all like a bit of pampering in a luxurious environment……

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