Getting up and down the stairs can be a massive hassle when you have a disability, maybe it takes you too long or is just next to impossible. The options for getting around this issue are pretty limited, you could put a lift into your house – which feels unrealistic and more realistically is the idea of a stair lift. Although they are notoriously ugly there are some companies out there trying to make them more attract and also more efficient. Here’s some of the stair lifts we could find on the internet.

EscaWheel Prototype

EscaWheel is an American based company that are designing a stair lift that will pick up the wheelchair, rather than the wheelchair be on a platform.

Sesame Access

After many years of ugly stair lifts that can serve as something of an eye sore Seasame Access make invisible stairs lifts for building. It’s actually very impressive the way that they design these bespoke for each building. have a look at the examples on their website, it’s a wonderful idea and their lifts have been used all over the UK now including a Grade II listed building in Manchester!

Incredible Sesame Access!
Incredible Sesame Access!


Stannah provide a range of stair lifts for all different needs, whether it’s accessing a building or getting upstairs in your own home these guys are here to help! They can provide a cabin lift or one for an inclined platform in a public place, they also have ‘alternative staircase transport’ for the home as well. What’s nice about Stannah is that the they have introduced colourful designs to their stairs lifts so they are most aesthetically pleasing, they also consider people’s individual needs for example one of their lifts called Sadler is ‘designed specifically for people with limited flexibility’.

Colourful Stannah
Colourful Stannah

Stiltz Lifts

If a stair lift isn’t what you’re after than maybe a Stiltz Lift is; these are very discretely designed lifts that can go anywhere in your house (within reason obviously). They are small, compact lifts that can fit about 2 people in them, they are not powered by hydraulics but by an ordinary plug in your home.

Stiltz Lift on it's way up!
Stiltz Lift on it’s way up!

Ability Lifts

Ability Lifts take a more traditional/practical approach to stair lifts. Ability Lifts have provided for a number of public spaces including Ben Sherman in Islington and the Concord Sports Centre in Sheffield they can provide lifts for internal and external use and like Stannah they also can go round curves if necessary. They offer enclosed lifts and also just platforms, meaning they are covering all the crucial areas!


A range of lifts you can get from Ability Lifts!
A range of lifts you can get from Ability Lifts!

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