The wheelchairs are coming out in force for as we go London crawling  – will the city’s bars know what’s hit them?

To celebrate International Wheelchair Day, on the 3rd of March, we’re going to be checking out some of the City’s coolest bars that say they’re accessible and we want to invite you all to join us. The plan is to get together a load of wheelchair users, people with other disabilities and able bodied friends too, to check out a variety of bars in one wild night.

Ain't no party like a BBS party
Ain’t no party like a BBS party

We want to get the BBS community of the discerning less abled out en masse for a riotous good time. Laughter is guaranteed, heavy drinking is a strong possibility and one or two examples of poor accessibility are always likely to occur. We’re really looking forward to meeting up with old friends and new – we’ve already confirmed that some pretty awesome wheelchair using guests are coming – and we want as many people with disabilities to join is as possible.

Where’s the next bar?

We expect there to be some inconveniences during the event as we roll from one bar to the next but we want to show that with a little ‘wheelpower’ and good humour, London’s less accessible characteristics can be overcome. We think it will be a really great statement if we can get together a big group of like minded people and show as many disabled people going out on the town together (with their able bodied friends) as possible. There are so many stylish wheelchair users out there but they’re so under represented (see from the picture above – we could find a picture of bunnies on a bar crawl, but not one of disabled people doing the same) so we’re bringing along a camera to document the good, the bad and the stylish of the crawl. We’re sure the evening going to be an absolute blast!

Please come and join us (but do rsvp so we get an idea of numbers – we believe that bars should be accessible but it might be friendly to warn them if a stampede of wheelchairs is coming). We’re going to be starting South Place Hotel at 6pm but if you want to join later get in touch and we can give you details of the route.

We’ll be back with more details nearer the time and hope to see as many people as possible on March 3rd. Until then, just remember to keeeeep rollin’!

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