Having had an early summer holiday and the fact the tan is wearing off I felt in need of a small makeover. So I started to look for easy and ‘accessible’ (in terms of mobility and expense) treatments. Here are the ones I found:

It seems logical that if you exercise your face muscles just like other muscles they’ll become firmer for longer this is what the Face Gym at Selfridges advocates, the difference is – they do the exercising for you – starting at £20 for 15 mins it seems reasonable. The problem is it’s only in london at the moment and to get to their part of the store there are 3 steps. I’m still waiting to hear if they have a portable ramp – I’m not optimistic about the access but Vogue did say that “under-eye bags are minimised, cheekbones emphasised and skin left glowing. As with all forms of exercise the best results come with regular workouts, but when compared with hours on the treadmill this seems decidedly more favourable.” Totally agree with the last bit.

As I waited for a response on the access I searched for any similar treatments on Youtube. Available at home, this video is good for facial exercises but start at 3.45 mins to avoid the ‘stating the obvious’ introduction!

I also came across a Bobbi Brown video on anti-age makeup tips, encompassed in 3.30 mins. There are also more interactive sessions available at their studio in West London Westfield shopping centre, maybe they’re also at other centres across the UK????

Another really useful video is this one showing cheaper alternatives to expensive makeup products (cheap duplicates or ‘dupes’ if you want to sound hip!)

Finally as it’s August, early summer tans have worn off and of course the weather changes after a lovely July, here’s a guide to fake tans:

Chanel has a good facial fake at £30 – Chanel Soleil Identité Perfect Colour Face Self–Tanner SPF 8. However, I use Estee Lauder’s Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer SPF 15 at £38 as it’s an instant glow and lasts for ages.

L’Oreal has an easy-to-apply body mousse with a ‘streak-free finish’, a bestseller at £9.99. I applied quickly, it stayed for weeks and yes it’s streak free but I did miss parts and I was left with obvious white patches for ages. The colour is not very subtle so make sure you apply everywhere!

I normally use St. Tropez as the coverage is quick and even. The Sensitive range and Bronzing Mousse is easy to use and it’s my recommendation for beginners as it’s got an even coverage. St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Mousse is £30.64. Another I’ve not tried but been told it’s good for a natural finish, is Xen-Tan’s Transform Luxe Daily Self-Tan and at £24.99  it’s not too expensive. Finally there’s James Read the celebrity tanning expert and his Liquid Tan which has ‘a natural and lasting bronzed finish’. James Read Liquid Tan Medium is  £24 and available at www.net-a-porter.com, M&S and at his online store..
As with any beauty tips or products you have to “believe”, after all you only have to convince (fool), yourself to feel better. Something the beauty business thrives upon…..?? Let us know here if you have any other tanning or face exercise tips.

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  1. Jo

    I’ve found the Bobbi Brown staff to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful, both about their own products and about skin treatments, correction of problem areas, and make-up techniques in general. I tend to avoid Oxford Street, but I can recommend the Bobbi Brown teams at Ely’s (Wimbledon) and Peter Jones (Sloane Square). Both accessible with a large power chair, and made me feel just like any other customer, which was great. One even asked if I ever had my headrest in other positions (yes) and then took pictures for me to show how that affects my face shape and the shadows cast by the headrest. I only made the switch from manual to power last year, after a couple of short (6 month) flirtations with power in 2007 and 2009, and the flirting-chair didn’t have a headrest, so this was both new and helpful. So many people seem to have the opinion that I want them to pretend the chair is invisible. It’s not. It’s considerably bigger, heavier and uglier than I am, and there’s no chance anyone will just not notice it’s there. What I did appreciate was the insight into how the chair will change my hair and make-up.

    Canary Wharf, while ugly and impersonal, has great access, lots of shops for beauty products, including John Lewis, a couple of giant Boots stores, a Body Shop, and a Space NK.

    I haven’t yet found a great beauty salon with access, but I’m still looking…

    For hair, Daniel Hersheson at Harrod’s is remarkable, and they are pretty good for access (in ultra-lightweight manual chair).

    I used the hair salon inside St Thomas’ Hospital (Westminster Bridge Rd) for the first time this year, with a friend. We were both inpatient, in neighbouring beds, and desperate for something a bit human. Friend was thrilled with her trimmed hair and waxed face, and I was more than delighted with my cut and blow dry. Both of us left there surprised and delighted, and with a new spring in our step (friend) and hair (both of us). I’ll go back.

    Love all your restaurant reviews, as eating out is one of the things that husband and I really enjoy. Looking forward to trying out some new places, and will let you know our thoughts vs your review!

    1. Fiona JarvisListing Owner

      Hi Jo

      Thank you for the information. Have you also seen our articles on accessible spas? They may be useful for beauty treatments. Keep sending the reviews in, we love to hear of new places!!