There are more than enough different kinds of barrier for the average less able holidaymaker, so we think that it’s important to try and make sure that, when you travel, you minimise the language barrier as much as possible. In our recent list of tips for a more accessible holiday we recommended learning some key words and phrases, or at least printing them out, before you go on holiday so that, when you get there, you can communicate what you need.

Now, to make things easier, we’ve put some key phrases together in one place. On this page you’ll find some key accessibility phrases in Spanish, Italian, French and German. They’re basic, easy to use and hopefully encompass the most important words you’ll need on holiday. We didn’t want to overdo it and flood people with of complicated grammatical differences (we’re British so we believe that nobody needs to learn an entire language before going on holiday). We think that these should be enough to get your point across in a simple way and hopefully you should be able to find what you need here. We’ve tried to keep it concise but let us know if you think there are any crucial terms we’ve missed that would be helpful to include. Otherwise, have a look, print them out and take them as helpful phrasebooks for holidays abroad.

There’s not much more to say other than felices vacaciones, buon viaggio, bon voyage and schöne Ferien!

spain flag



I’m disabledSoy minusválido (physically) / Soy deficiente mental (mentally)


Wheelchair – silla de ruedas

I am in a wheelchair – Estoy en una silla de ruedas

I’m blindsoy ciego

I’m deafsoy sordo

The ramp la rampa

The steps/stairslos pasos

The cobblestones – los adoquines

Handrail  Pasamos

Is there a disabled bathroom? – Hay un baño con discapacidad

Is there an entrance without steps? – Hay una entrada sin escalones

Where is the lift? – ¿Dónde está el ascensor?

Can you help me?– ¿Me puedes ayudar?




I’m disabled – Sono disabile


WheelchairLa sedia a rotelle

I am in a wheelchair – Sono in una sedia a rotelle

I’m blindSono cieco

I’m deafSono sordi

The rampLa rampa

The steps/stairsLe scale

The cobblestonesLe acciottolato

Handrail  corrimano

Is there a disabled bathroom?C’è un bagno handicappato?

Is there an entrance without steps?C’è entrata senza scale?

Where is the lift?Dov’è l’ascensor

Can you help me?Mi può aiutare?


French Flag



I’m disabledJe suis handicapé


WheelchairFauteuil roulant

I am in a wheelchair – Je suis dand un fauteuil roulant

I’m blindJe suis aveugle

I’m deafJe suis sourd

The rampLa rampe

The stepsLes marches

The stairs – Les escaliers

The cobblestonesLes pavés

Handrail – Rampe

Is there an entrance without steps? – Y a-t-il une entrée sans des marches?

Is there a disabled bathroom? – Y a-t-il une salle de bains handicapée?

Where is the lift? – Où est l’ascenseur?

Can you help me? – Pouvez-vous m’aider?





I’m disabledIch bin behindert


Wheelchair – Rollstuhl

I am in a wheelchair – Ich bin in einem Rollstuhl

I’m blindIch bin blind

I’m deafIch bin taub

The rampDie Rampe

The steps/stairsDie Treppe

The cobblestones – Die Kopfsteine

Handrail – Geländer

Is there a handicapped bathroom? – Gibt es ein behindertes Toillete?

Is there an entrance without steps? – Gibt es ein Eingang ohne Treppen?

Where is the lift? – Wo ist der Aufzug?

Can you help me? – Können Sie mir helfen?

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