When we recently posted an article on stylish wheelchairs and asked readers to respond if they knew of any trendy models we missed. Actually, on second look, we didn’t ask that, but we were, as always, more than happy when a suggestion was put to us. So, thanks to Aisling from Momentum Healthcare in Ireland, we’re going to highlight GTM Wheelchairs in an individual post right now.

We’re reliably informed that they are, by a distance, the bestsellers at Momentum Healthcare, which also sell the highly rated Quickie chairs, so GTMs are clearly very high quality. A cynic would say that there was a bit of a vested interest when we were told about the chairs by the people who sell them, but the fact that GTMs are already so popular would suggest that they just wanted to let people know about them. And quite right too because they look terrific!

GTM Mustang
GTM Mustang

GTM Mobil is a Polish company that makes active and sports wheelchairs. The wheelchairs are individually made, using only the highest quality materials including aluminium alloy. The chairs are bespoke and look lightweight and simple in their design. They look pretty good to us and their popularity would suggest that indeed they are.

GTM wheelchairs are available at the aforementioned Momentum Healthcare for Irish readers and for those in the England they are sold at Cyclone Mobility. The Irish get a bit more variety in the different models but the GTM Mustang, which is sold at Cyclone, is possibly the best looking of the bunch anyway.

We’re pleased to have come across these GTM chairs. They look like really solid and stylish everyday chairs. They might not be groundbreaking but they’re definitely a strong competitor in the wheelchair market.

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