Stylish Interiors with Disabled Features is an oxymoron, usually……but I found this site that you can use to get style ideas for your home – It’s mainly US design but that shouldn’t matter as you can point your builders to this site. There are useful tips and quite detailed ‘build’ information as well. They have a page devoted to Universal Design which has some great ideas:

Compare these ramps to the Ridiculous Ramps we featured recently.

Here’s a lovely pool with barely noticeable ramps,

I particularly like this ramp in Mexico. You have to watch out for those hairpin bends but the design is beautiful.

Here are some specific examples of making a home more Accessible. Not all are completely accessible but we’re all different and there are some good ideas:

Make a Powder Room Accessible With Universal Design

“Right-size doorways, lever handles and clearance around the sink and commode are a great start in making a powder room accessible to all.”

How to Design an Accessible Shower

“Make aging in place safer and easier with universal design features in the shower and bathroom”

Doorless Showers Open a World of Possibilities

“Universal design and an open bathroom feel are just two benefits of doorless showers. Here’s how to make the most of these design darlings.”

”Safety first’ doesn’t mean style comes in second with bathroom grab bars, shower seats and more designed for the modern home.”

This is all very exciting as there’s no grey plastic in sight. Send us your photos if you have a well designed & stylish home.

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