These smartCRUTCH crutches have been developed to provide more comfort to the user than a conventional forearm or underarm crutch. Their handles distribute your weight across your forearms rather than forcing all of the pressure you exert onto your hands and wrists. Redistributing the weight means that the pressure is reduced as the force you exert is spread over a larger area. It’s actually a pretty basic bit of science which makes you wonder why nobody thought of doing this earlier.

The crutches are also really adjustable: there are multiple lengths for the forearm extension and the handle can be rotated depending on your preference. smartCRUTCH is engineered with durable, lightweight materials and features ergonomically designed grips to maximize comfort. The forearm platform utilizes memory foam padding for long lasting comfort and an easy push-pin height adjustment system. The floor tip is also shock absorbent and grips to surfaces even when they’re wet.

How smartCRUTCH works
How smartCRUTCH works

The crutches are flexible, ergonomic and comfortable but there are two slight problems with them. The first is entirely trivial and more of a personal pet peeve than anything else. To stand out, they’ve done that thing that many brands do now, where they write their name with a lowercase beginning followed by something in capital letters. Is it possible we have iPod to blame for this now fairly commonplace phenomenon? Whether that’s the case or not it’s starting to wear a little thin.

The other potential problem is in terms of style. The smartCRUTCH is definitely more stylish than a standard NHS crutch – it’s sleeker,  more design conscious and just less grey than they are. But where does it rate against other trendy crutches? It’s good but it’s not the best looking crutch there is. The handle, it’s main selling point, might make it a bit bulky to compete against some of the very most stylish mobility aids like ArbinOssenberg Crutches,  and OMHU walking canes.

But then without the innovative handle it wouldn’t be as ergonomic as it is. So maybe it’s just a case of having to choose how much you value style vs. comfort? To be fair these crutches are stylish enough to not really make it too much of an issue.

The smartCRUTCH crutches are versatile, comfortable and look good. They’re available on the smartCRUTCH website for £84.99. Definitely worth some consideration.

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    1. MaxListing Owner

      They’re available on the smartCRUTCH website for £84.99.

      1. Jason Street

        SmartCRUTCH has arrived in the UK with now even lower price being offered as we are importing in bulk. Our website is and can be purchased for £69.99 including VAT, excluding delivery.