It’s been a busy week or so at Blue Badge Style. We’ve been on BBC Click, dished out BBS ticks and are just over a week out from our celebration event, so there’s decisions to make about cocktails 😉

We’re looking forward to hosting some very stylish people for the Blue Badge Style App launch at a very cool venue which works for the less-physically-able and the able-bodied alike (Inclusion is the goal??!). Such a glamorous guest list too. We have Paralympians Sophie Christiansen, Leigh Walmsley and some of the sitting volleyball team joining us, along with one of 2012’s other summer heros, Gamesmaker Scott Winchester who is also involved in climb4charity (fundraisers for ECHO and the British Paralympic Association).

There will be lots of shining lights from the media world, the hospitality industry (maybe even a Celeb Chef?!) designers who specialise in disability products, movers, shakers and style influencers. From the fashion world we’ll be joined by Charlie Allen, fashion stylist Pip Edwards, and the founder of Xeni fashion.

It promises to be an interesting evening! If you’d like to join us, please drop us a line.

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  1. Scott Winchester

    Had an absolute blast last night, lots of fab people, all very friendly 🙂 Thank you for the invite Fiona and I wish you and BBS all the luck with the App 🙂



    1. Fiona Jarvis Listing Owner

      Hi Scott, thanks for being there, you look much better in the flesh!?! Hope you keep following us.