There’s No Stopping Alex Our Latest Staff lieutenant:

The Hippodrome is Kingston’s best nightclub. It caters to a variety of genres throughout the week, above and beyond the mainstream chart dirge. Thursday serves up New Slang, the premier indie night, whilst Saturday offers a myriad of classic tracks, spanning all genres.

Many clubs fail to even try and accommodate wheelchairs. Thankfully, the Hippodrome proves an exception. Ramps are incorporated where appropriate so all the main bars and rooms can be accessed. The smoking area is also accessible via an alternate entrance. There is even a stand-alone disabled toilet. Sure, it’s not the prettiest looking, but it is a nightclub after all.

I also appreciate how the security help me get to the front during concerts, rather than force me to the back for health and safety reasons.

The Hippodrome gets 2 BBS Ticks. Not 2.5 as previously stated as two of my contributors say it’s a bit of a ‘dive’!





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