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iPhone/iPad – From the iTunes Store

Android: From the Andriod Store

It’s free (at the moment). It finds trendy/stylish places near your location and rates them with BBS Ticks . The rating looks at style/ambience, access & facilities. You can sort on any of these or just by distance, name or overall rating. Used by the less able and those who want style – able or not, see comment by Simon Carter:

I think what BBS is doing for the ‘less able’ is brilliant. This ‘app’ can locate stylish restaurant/bars that are nearby in London. It also warns you if there is a problem with disabled access or facilities. I’m able bodied and I’m going to use it!” Simon Carter of Simon Carter London Ltd, Fashion Designer and Style Icon.

Developed in conjunction with UCL Advances and Stuxbot

Tutorial Video Directed by Robert Johnston

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  1. Chris Kay

    Android app does not work on Samsung tablets.

    Not good infact a disability.

    1. Fiona Jarvis Listing Owner

      Can you tell me which tablet version as we’ve had no other complaints and it has been widely tested.