If you have read my recent story about my visit to Shoreditch you’ll know we passed a place that looked intriguing. It was McQueen a bar, club and restaurant named after the ‘King of Cool’ Steve – one of my idols. It looked busy and darkly glamorous. The bar looked inviting with leather Chesterfields and we didn’t have time to try the restaurant food; the ubiquitous trendy American fare. The main entrance has high steps  but the side entrance looks accessible, with the help of some bouncers, as there are two low steps.

The American Lieutenant found the toilets and club downstairs, accessed by a lift. There is no disabled toilet – don’t know why, as they could easily knock two of the many Ladies toilets together and create one (according to the Lieutenant, who is also a builder)!! How does this happen so often LB Hackney?? I really want to go to the club  and when I find someone to take me I’ll report back.

Lack of facilities means we can only give McQueen 2BBS Ticks

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