Want to find and book the best, most fashionable, trendy, and more easily accessible hot spots? No need to worry about unexpected steps and inaccessible facilities – check out what’s there for the ‘less able’ but nonetheless stylish with the Blue Badge Style AppA Guide for a Less Able Lifestyle.

Able or not the Guide looks at ‘style’ first then accessibility and facilities. Download here:

iPhone/iPad – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bluebadgestyle/id551553781?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stuxbot.android.bbs

With this app you don’t need to look anywhere else for information.  It will map out the best places near you, let you see our review and the Blue Badge Style Rating* and it will give you directions on how best to get there.  Even better, you can call the restaurant, bar, café or entertainment place directly from the app to make a booking, check times and if you want to know more, the app will link you to the venue’s website.

Just London for now, but we are going global and if you would like to review your favourite stylish, trendy, hot spot – identifying it’s accessibility and facilities (or lack of them), just send it to info@bluebadgestyle.com

Free to download during The Olympics and Paralympics

Video Tutorial


Google map shows recommended venues near your location.

Sort by Name, Distance, Accessibility, Facilities, Style/Ambience or Overall Rating.

Review button shows review (when available).

Automatic updates of new places and reviews as you refresh screen.

Facility to send your own review to BBS.

*Blue Badge Ticks rate venues on accessibility, facilities and of course, their style and ambience. Ratings are from 0.5 to a maximum of 3 ticks.

‘I think what BBS is doing for the ‘less able’ is brilliant. This ‘app’ can locate stylish restaurant/bars that are nearby in London. It also warns you if there is a problem with disabled access or facilities. I’m able bodied and I’m going to use it!!’

Simon Carter of Simon Carter London Ltd, Fashion DesIgner and Style Icon.

Developed in conjunction with UCL Advances and Stuxbot

Tutorial Video Directed by Robert Johnston

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