Alex Taylor is  a wheelchair user and has an interesting site you should visit, disabled or not it’s entertaining – YKTS  (You Know The Score). He is a recent graduate from the University of Warwick and an aspiring journalist. He is also an Ambassador for The NSPCC.

Here is his review of O2 Academy Brixton, which if you go to their site they say it is fully accessible:

‘The 02 Academy, Brixton ticks the majority of ‘access’ boxes, however, as is often the case, this does not translate smoothly into a fully inclusive, dignified experience. The ramp brought out to overcome the entrance steps proved quite steep but manageable with assistance. Once inside, the venue is largely accessible, including disabled toilets and a step free viewing arena, which is sloped where necessary.

Unfortunately, the Academy operates a zero tolerance policy: prohibiting wheelchair users from mixing with the crowd and enjoying the arena. When I tried to get close to the stage, I was forced to return to the disabled viewing platform at the side of the pit and threatened with eviction if I did not comply; despite the fact I was not inebriated, am over the age of 21 and was covering the event for a music website. Coincidentally, I was told if I was hoping to do an interview, this would not be possible  because there is no disabled access backstage. Clearly, wheelchair users aren’t expected to be journalists’.

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