I love Midsummer House restaurant – beautiful location on Midsummer Common near the river in Cambridge. I used to go when I walked with a stick even though using the toilets was a struggle as they are up a number of stairs. The food was and is excellent and I am dying to try the Chicken main course that won the BBC2 Great British Menu for the Olympic banquet.

Nevertheless I have to mention that although they have had planning permission for some time they have not installed a disabled toilet in the restaurant and despite my asking why not, they refuse to reply other than as follows:

‘Regretfully, the building is of such that having looked at disabled toilets in the past, it is impossible for us to accommodate in any way.’ – I think English Heritage would disagree.

Strange as Cambridge City Council say they have an ‘approved planning application (which) showed a wheelchair accessible toilet, which would also be used as a staff toilet.’ I don’t mind sharing I just don’t want to go to the pub they suggest I use instead, which is a long 50 metres away.

I feel another BBS Campaign on the way – Michelin Stars should have a disabled facility rating!!?? Oh, but thats what Blue Badge Style is for!!

As a result I can only give Midsummer 2 BBS Ticks. Low for a Michelin Starred restaurant and the only one I have come across without a disabled toilet.



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